The Great Transition


Many of you (including myself) during the crowdsale last August endowed the MSC Foundation with the support needed to build out the open source features of the MSC Protocol. We have come a long way since then, seeing token creation, distributed crowdsales, decentralized exchange and many amazing projects become reality on top of the protocol we envisioned together last year.

Today though, I’m here to tell you of a great transition that is coming.

Many in the community are asking: What will happen when the funds originally contributed to develop the MSC protocol are all spent? Its an important question and rather than leave people guessing, here I will outline the plan moving forward.

A Community Driven Model

The crowdsale was a great way to spark off development and get the original vision of the protocol implemented and operational. However, now that there are many projects operational on top of the protocol, it is that community which should be the one taking the lead.

The best way to accomplish this is through a model very similar to the Bitcoin Foundation, where support is gathered from those projects and community members using the protocol in their technology stacks. While this model is imperfect, it remains the best we have available for aligning the support of those using the protocol and those working to develop it.

Already some of the largest projects in our MSC eco-system have stepped up to say they want to sponsor the core developers in their work, by becoming members of a community driven Foundation.  These community sponsorships will make it possible for the core developers of Omni Wallet and the Omni Core implementations to continue and expand their work on these open source projects.

New Entity New Branding – From Master to Omni

In order to fully embrace this vision of a community driven model, there has been a planned election of new board members for the MSC Foundation. However, I believe that an even further step is required. An entirely new entity. One that reflects the international nature of many of the projects building on top of the protocol. Along with this new entity comes the opportunity to move beyond the initial branding of Mastercoin / Master Protocol to a new brand that reflects the broad and inclusive goals of the new community driven Foundation. I propose that this new Foundation adopt the Omni brand. A new Omni Foundation.

Already users are associating with the Omni Wallet as there primary interface to all of their digital tokens. Lets extend that to an Omni Core, Omni Protocol, so on and so forth. Of course the ownership of the tokens (previously called MSC) will remain the same, and the objective of building great open source software on top of the existing protocol will continue.

Its worth noting this transition will take time. The websites will be updated, the international entity has to be formed, the sponsorships and new community members formalized. My expectation is this transformation will take the rest of 2014.

My goal is to launch January 1st 2015 with a new entity and a clear path forward for the community. That way there is a smooth transition from the existing Foundation to the new Omni Foundation.

Next Steps

I’ll be making more posts in the near future about the sponsors of the new Omni Foundation, filling in details and answering community questions on a Reddit AMA.

However this direction should give the community, the confidence they need to know, there is long and sustainable road ahead for them to build amazing project on.

Thanks for being part of this community, which at its heart is moving such important decentralized technology forward.

Best Regards,

David A. Johnston

Chairman of the MSC Foundation Board of Directors

The Great Transition

Introducing La’Zooz – a new project integrated on the Master Protocol

By Judith Jakubovics – BizDev at the Mastercoin Foundation

Dear Masterminds,

Transportation and traffic jams are basic parts of our modern lives.

These are exactly the issues that the La’Zooz team are dealing with. It will save our precious time and money, will reduce global pollution, will require less investment in infrastructures and much more…

So what is the La’Zooz project?

The name of the project: La’Zooz,  means to move.

The token of the projcet is : Zooz,  means : move

It is all about smart ride sharing and collaboration.

La’Zooz  will synchonize empty seats with transportation needs in real time to create a great ride-sharing experience for a “fair” fair.

Less cars on the roads, less global pollution, less expenses on infrastructures – really AWESOME.

La’Zooz is creating a Decentralized Transportation web that will not only be run by the community, but it will be owned by the community. “Fair share” and “fair fare” were two of the basic values that led La`Zooz team in its creation process.

La`Zooz is using the bitcoin 2.0 technology in order to distribute abundance to as many contributors that will come and by that La’Zooz is opening the floodgates for developers designers and users.

La`Zooz will move its “Proof of movement” mining Android App into Beta stage.It  will enable people who believe in ride sharing and other smart transportation solutions to change the way transportation on planet earth looks like.

La’Zooz is introducing one of the better schemes  for a shared economy, as a decentralized organization that can grow exponentially with no outer limitations.

Here are some tweets and quotes about La’Zooz – I am sure that you don’t  want to miss these :  will take care of trust for us all and the #blockhchain will see @uber to the door. @lazoozorg “

If you want to know more, please visit here:

and here:

 Great things are happening to the Master Protocol

Point of contact for companies and organizations who want to issue a token (Judith Jakubovics) Judith (-at-) and on Skype: Judith.Jakubovics

Introducing La’Zooz – a new project integrated on the Master Protocol

Omniwallet Milestone v0.20

In this technological day and age we often find ourselves with a growing list of different accounts and the associated random information which go with them. Keeping track of it all can certainly be a challenge in and of itself. One of the more requested features we typically hear about is email support in Omniwallet. This Milestone we are happy to announce the addition of Welcome Emails for new wallet creations which will include the Wallet ID and a custom login link for quicker, easier access.OmniWelcome This is the first of many new features we are working on including email notifications for specific user requested events, trade confirmations and incoming transactions to name a few.

The second new feature we want to highlight this milestone is the addition of Armory Offline Addresses. Omniwallet now has the ability to create Armory Offline transactions to send or create MasterProtocol Currencies. Using this feature you can securely monitor address and create transactions in Omniwallet which can only be signed by your already secure offline Armory machine. Take a look at the Armory Offline Address wiki page to get started. Side note, while sending and creating with offline addresses is supported we are still working on adding support for buying/selling MasterProtocol currencies.

  SendByFiatThe last new feature we want to showcase this milestone is Sending by Fiat Value. With the ever changing value of BTC sometimes you just want to send $10 to a friend and not worry about what the current exchange rate is. With the new Send by Value you can enter how much you want to send based on the current value of BTC. Additionally, we’ll do one last check when you’re ready to broadcast your transaction to make sure the price of BTC has not changed in the interim. If it has, we’ll notify you and you can choose to update your transaction based on either the original BTC amount or Fiat Value before sending.

Milestone Summary (See the full list of details on Github):

  • Welcome Email
  • Armory Offline Signing
  • Send by Fiat Value
  • UI/UX updates
  • Rapid deployment of updated code
  • Crowd-sourced Security Testing
  • Continuing integration of Master Core features
On the Horizon:
  • Wallet ID recovery by Email
  • Support for currency localizations
  • Additional SP token values in fiat

Take a look and let us know what you think, we’re always happy for user feedback.

If you want to see what we’re working on next come checkout Ariel. She knows everything.

Omniwallet Milestone v0.20

Introducing Bitlov – a new project integrated with Mastercoin

By Judith – BizDev at the Mastercoin Foundation

Dear Masterminds,

The Master Protocol brings a lot of good to the crypto world

Today, I would like to introduce you to another  interesting project that is integrated with the Master Protocol.

Bitlov is a digital currency automation platform that utilizes a predominately trustless network of decentralized, distributed autonomous agents called Rubrics. Bitlov empowers individuals and organizations to determine where money goes and when by simplifying the process of setting rules within contract templates, to write simple-to-complex transaction routines based upon various factors, such as: budget, pre-defined triggers, formulas, times, recipients, and more.

Bitlov uses Pockets as sub-wallet accounts, for the purpose of managing money for various purposes (assigned to each individual Pocket), which can be shared with other users (applicable for companies, families, organizations, etc.). In addition, Pockets function as programmable wallets. These wallets provide Bitlov users the ability to perform basic tasks such as schedule transactions as well more advanced protocols, such as scripting their own complex, conditionally-based transactions. As an example, a Bitlov user might create a script that does not allow a payment to be released until: (1) it has been authorized by a specified third party; (2) before a specified date; and (3) only if a trusted data source reports that a specified company’s stock value reaches a certain threshold.

More practically, however, Bitlov’s Pockets will spawn a proliferation of transaction types and simplify the process of launching businesses in the Bitcoin ecosystem. Uses of Bitlov Pockets can be envisioned in a variety of arenas such as: data brokerage, online marketplaces, social networking, wagers or payments made to IT contractors for machine-accessible services rendered. Some examples of the latter might be set-up to: speed-up an algorithm, increase the accuracy of a predictive model or sending a specific number of visitors to a specific website address.

In today’s world, web applications represent the majority of software projects. These applications need a simple way to connect to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Over burdened developers do not have the time to learn new languages, or worse, convert to an entirely new development paradigm. To maximize their efforts developers should be able to use the tools and technologies they already know and understand. These developers aren’t looking for a new Internet, but they do want to start moving toward decentralized applications so as to take advantage of the new technologies.

Bitlov is, therefore, creating the Rubric Service Network (RSN) to provide developers access to a variety of crypto-currencies, in a consistent manner. This is accomplished using open source tools and protocols. By leveraging existing tools Bitlov saves developers significant time, whilecreating an easier to use (and maintain) network for users. Utilizing existing standards also means application developers are exposed to an interface with which they are already familiar.

This will enable the large number of existing web applications to quickly and easily implement innovative new applications that utilize cryptocurrencies and block chains.

The RSN is designed to operate as a Decentralized Autonomous Community. Once initial development is completed, the network will generate fees and circulate those fees to the ones providing the infrastructure and development to ensure its continuation. The goal of the RSN is to incentivize running a Rubric as well as funding development and maintenance of the network. Without layers of management and marketing expenses, the RSN will be able to provide these services at a rate conventional businesses cannot provide. In addition, as it’s decentralized,developers do not have to worry about a relying upon a single entity to provide the service.

The Bitlov platform is for anyone who uses money — in particular, digital currency. Oneday, everyone will be using digital currency, but until then, our job will be demonstrating the superiority of various alt coins, by providing a platform that fully realizes their potential withfeatures that are currently impossible with analog money.

Great things are happening to the Master Protocol

Point of contact for companies and organizations who want to issue a token (Judith Jakubovics) Judith (-at-) and on Skype: Judith.Jakubovics

Introducing Bitlov – a new project integrated with Mastercoin

Conferences, Notes from the Road & Important Projects In The Works


Its been a whirl wind tour of the globe the last four weeks as I have had the honor of representing the MSC Foundation at Bitcoin conferences in:

Isle of Man: Speech on the Future of Bitcoin and Beyond (see slides here: )

davidjohnston Isle of man

Shanghai: Fellow Blockchain Nerds Getting Dumplings Downtown

Bitcoin Nerds in Shanghai

London: Right after presenting bitcoin as a way to marry the programmable web with programmable money.


Vegas: Right after presenting on the mining panel and discussing a future where protocols such as Master Protocol support the development of bitcoin ecosystem and provide other revenue sources for miners.


Having literally circled the earth twice in the last few weeks its nice to be home in Austin for a day or two.

Next Stop Israel, Drop Me A Line:

My next stop is Tel Aviv this Sunday and Monday (October 19th and 20th) if you are involved in the MSC community in Israel and want to connect while I’m in Israel just email me:

MSC funders, not to worry I’m as frugal as they come and with a combination of conferences paying for my flights when I’m speaking (which is every conference I attend) and accommodations at AirBnB ($35 per night in Vegas) its been minimal cost to the Foundation to be represented at these Bitcoin events, where the community all rallies together.

I believe all this travel has benefited the Foundation as it presented opportunities to meet in person with the projects building on top of the MSC Protocol, spread the word about the platform’s new capabilities, and recruit more developers and sponsors for the Foundation and its work going forward.

Notes from the Road + Important Projects Emerging:

Its encouraging to meet in person the founders behind all the amazing projects that are being built in the MSC community, allow me to take a moment to highlight a few of the most important projects coming out in the near future:

The project (formally Real Coin) to convert fiat USD into digital tokens (Tether) on top of the blockchain, exchangeable for BTC or any other digital token. When this launches, it will open up a broad new channel for users to easily convert their money from the legacy financial system into the new digital blockchain based economy.

The Merchant Coin project will equip bitcoin advocates with the tools to sign up merchants to accept bitcoins at their business and they will be issuing their tokens on top of the MSC protocol. The goal here being to super charge the number of merchants accepting bitcoins by rewarding advocates directly for their work to sign up merchants.

The Factom project is growing quickly and I certainly want the MSC community to be at the heart of their mission to extend the scalability of blockchains, by solving the bloat issue, allow for instant confirmations, and reduce transaction costs. All of which benefits Omni Wallet and all the other projects integrating with MasterCore and the capabilities of the MSC protocol. Factom will be issuing its tokens on top of the MSC protocol and the MSC core developers are examining ways to leverage the Factom project to improve the speed and performance of MSC transactions.

Thanks to the MasterCore and Omni Wallet teams for pushing out all the new features that are making these projects possible.

I look forward to seeing many of you in person at the next conference.

Best Regards,

David A. Johnston

Chairman of the MSC Foundation Board of Directors

Conferences, Notes from the Road & Important Projects In The Works

Master Protocol is a great platform to facilitate new innovative ideas

By Judith -BizDev at Mastercoin Foundation

Dear Masterminds

I feel that it is time to take a deep breath and make some overview.

Here are the projects that already launched on the Master Protocol:

1) Maidsafe – April 2014

2) ApiNetworks – June 2014

3) GenerCoin – June 2014

4) CryptoNext – July 2014

5) CoinProz = August 2014

6) Spacelite – Sept 2014

7) SovereignCoin- Oct 2014

Considering the fact that Mastercoin is only one year old, that is a great performance.

 You  may want to know what projects are in the pipe and will launch soon?

Well, I wish I could reveal all of them. Most of them are confidential because people like to keep it quiet until the formal launch, but I will mention just a few:

1) MerchantCoin

2) LaZooz

3) Factom(Notary Chain)

4) RemCoin

5) Store First-Park First

and many many more in the pipe….

Today I was at  the  Bitcoin Embassy in Tel-Aviv. The Bitcoin Embassy  is an amazing place where

a) Crypto enthusiasts come to meet each other,

b) Entrepreneurs are here to collaborate and do some brain storming for their new          projects

c) Newcomers are here to get acquainted with the crypto network

Most of the entrepreneurs were very knowledgeable about bitcoin generation 2.0 and especially about the Master Protocol .Many of them were eager to learn more about Mastercoin

People came from from far away just to meet me and learn about Mastercoin and how to implement it.

These great people make me understand and have a clearer vision that Mastercoin is indeed a great platform to facilitate new ideas.

Great things are happening to the Master Protocol

Point of contact for companies and organizations who want to issue a token (Judith Jakubovics) Judith (-at-) and on Skype: Judith.Jakubovics

Master Protocol is a great platform to facilitate new innovative ideas

Omniwallet Milestone v0.19

Last week saw us rolling out Omniwallet driven by the Omniengine/Mastercore powered database. In addition to this massive conversion we also closed out our most recent Milestone which addresses some critical bugs and adds some continuity improvements. We’ve got a few new items in the works which should start making their way into the next few releases so keep an eye out for those coming improvements.

Milestone Summary (See the full list of details on Github):

  • Update servers to patch bash vulnerability
  • Roll in Database-staging branch to production
  • Inform/warn user when wallet can’t be saved to server and take action to prevent loss from incorrect information
  • Change login modal to not autoswitch
  • UI/UX updates
  • Rapid deployment of updated code
  • Crowd-sourced Security Testing
  • Continuing integration of Master Core features
On the Horizon:
  • Email field for backups/wallet id recovery
  • Send by fiat value
  • Support for currency localizations
  • Additional SP token values in USD

Take a look and let us know what you think, we’re always happy for user feedback.

So come checkout what we’re working on next before you Run Out of Gas.

Omniwallet Milestone v0.19

It just keeps on coming – Remittance Dollar Coin -RymCoin project for the Kerala state of India – by Judith -BizDev at the Mastercoin Foundation

Dear Masterminds,

It just keeps on coming

The Master Protocol brings a lot of good to the crypto world

Today, I would like to introduce you to the RymCoin project.

Using the Master Protocol, RymCoins will be created from “Information Matrix Console (IM)”, where fiat currency, big data, user personal, professional, consumable and business information’s are captured; and purchasing power parity logic is applied for additional coin creation in the time of fiat currency conversion into crypto currency.

RymCoin pilot project will be developed for Kerala state of India, which have the population 33 million, almost 9% (3 million) of them are living overseas and sending $12 billion remittance, and Kerala state has 94% literacy rate and 20% of households had an emigrant and 25% of state budget depends on remittance and famously called “global remittance capitalism drives Kerala economy”.

RymCoin will be created from “Info Matrix Console”. IMC portal will consist of blend of Facebook, Linkedin and ResearchGate and all kind of open source web application will be available and entire database layout is shared with user.

Each user will have a separate cloud account, except basic information, user will have full control over his/her information flow to central console.

RymCoin consist of RamCoin and RemCoin, both coins will be created from “Info Matrix Console”. IMC portal consist of blend of Facebook, Linkedin and ResearchGate and all kind of open source web application will be available and entire database layout is shared with user. Each user will have separate cloud account, except basic information, user will have full control over his/her information flow to central console. For pilot project IMC will allow Kerala Diasporas to deposit $2000 worth of Indian rupee to IMC india bank account and he/she have to enter $500 worth of consumable commodity requirement information (25 entry x $20), which will be called InfoX and $500 worth of business information (25 entry x $20), which will be called InfoY and $5000 worth of information endorsement power.

Indian rupee purchasing power parity devaluation against US dollar is 60%, each $2 worth of Indian rupee deposit will be instantly converted into 2 Fiat Points and additionally he/she will eligible for 1 PI Points. When InfoX and InfoY are connected with different users which will form InfoZ (InfoX + InfoY), each InfoZ need to be endorsed by 3 users and each user will have 250 endorsement rights ($5000). RamCoin is equal to India Fiat Points + Purchasing Power Parity India Devaluation Points (PI Points).

RamCoin is backed by $2000 dollar worth of indian rupee, big data, and network of information. RamCoin is inflation free and continuous incremental oriented due to big data backing which is highly worth-full in internet of things era.

RamCoin is primarily for internal use and it can be used globally also, same IM Console will create RemCoin which is for global remittance purpose, based on different nations currency. IM console 90% revenue will be owned by IMC itself, so the value of the RamCoin and RemCoin is continuous incremental oriented based on information matrix and users engagement on the web portal.

The project and the web site are still under construction, however if you want to know more please see this:

Great things are happening to the Master Protocol

Point of contact for companies and organizations who want to issue a token (Judith Jakubovics) Judith (-at-) and on Skype: Judith.Jakubovics

It just keeps on coming – Remittance Dollar Coin -RymCoin project for the Kerala state of India – by Judith -BizDev at the Mastercoin Foundation

Tag, you’re it!

With the recent v0.0.8.1 Master Core tag (build instructionssource and binary), we’re now way ahead of the game.

The Mastercoin Foundation is happy to announce the following major enhancements in the most recent build of Master Core, released yesterday: Secure Asset Issuances and Sends, Smart Property Adminstration and Pre-funded Simple Sends.  All live on Bitcoin mainnet.

As more and more companies and projects are considering crypto-asset issuances, we’ve worked to anticipate their needs and demands by adding security and management capability to assets created on the Master Protocol.  Serious issuers need serious control, and the community that accepts and uses these assets must know what the issuers can and will be able to do with their assets.  These new features not only build trust between issuers and users, but also provide a robust toolset that asset-backed issuers can leverage and rely upon for the security and flexibility of their assets.

Secure Asset Issuances
Using P2SH Multisig, Smart Property Asset Issuers can require multiple parties (M-of-N) to approve issuances and grants. This provides protection from a single compromised private key being abused, and will give users more comfort that asset issuers will maintain control of their asset.

Secure Sends
Multisig addresses are also now supported for receiving tokens, and conducting secure M-of-N sends to other recipients on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Smart Property Administration
On-demand grants and revokes of user-defined assets, allowing asset-backed tokens to regulate the number of tokens in circulation against their reserves of assets.

Asset ownership transfer (issuance rights, grant rights) allows the issuer to transfer their issuance and grant rights to another Bitcoin address (regular or multisig).

On testnet, we also have provided Send-to-Owners functionality, which allows an issuer to send a proportional amount of tokens to the holders of that token in a single transaction, based on the amount the holders have in their wallets at the time of transaction.  This allows for distribution of tokens on a proportional basis with a single Master Protocol transaction (and therefore a single Bitcoin miners fee, no matter the number of holders).

Optional pre-funded simple sends
Since all Bitcoin blockchain-based assets require some amount of BTC to be used on the network, we’ve added an optional attribute to Simple Sends to allow the sender to provide additional BTC to the recipient (so that the recipient can have BTC funds available for additional sends and other transactions).

Experimental User Interface (a high risk-tolerance required!)
While we won’t be distributing binaries of the Master Core user interface until next week, extremely aggressive and non-risk-averse testers are welcome to compile from source against the build and play with the user interface in its current state.

While I hate to tease, I’m really excited about the progress of the UI, so here are some sneak peeks at the UI on each target platform:

Windows UI
Linux UI
Linux UI

Some other noteworthy additions to the tag are better unconfirmed transaction support and better blockchain reorganization protection, not to mention additional RPC calls for retrieving information about transactions related to crowdsales and DEx purchases.

Omniwallet has also moved to the most recent tag and supports the new features.

Work began this week on a re-base to Bitcoin Core 0.9.3, which is going much smoother than one would anticipate from an important update in the Bitcoin reference client. Master Core tag 0.0.9 will be based on Bitcoin Core 0.9.3 (Master Core is based on Bitcoin Core 0.9.2).

Next up are two major features that have been in high demand: MetaDEX (the meta-token decentralized exchange for all Master Protocol tokens) and Savings Addresses. As these get closer, we’ll have testnet RPCs and UIs to play with.

The pace is blistering over here in the blockchain – so many devs and so much code all building towards the most robust financial, contract and business logic platform on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Each day we add another group of integrators and innovators to the platform, and there are some major announcements in the wings.

If you have any questions, ask me anything. If you want to get involved, now’s the time – if you’ve been interested in developing an innovative new technology, or issuing your own smart property asset, the Master Protocol provides the tools you’re looking to leverage, and more is on the way.  If there are features you want to see, write ‘em up, send ‘em our way, or make a pull request against the Master Protocol Spec and we’ll get it into the queue.  Lots more coming, and community feedback is the driver!

Start your engines, masterminds!

Craig Sellars

CTO, MSC Foundation
craig (at)

Tag, you’re it!

Have you heard, Omniwallet went to a Database

Some of you may have noticed the shiny blue banner hanging around the Omniwallet homepage today. OmniHomepage For those of you who didn’t we were doing a little cleanup on the infrastructure this afternoon. Cleaning out some of the old data sources and getting Omniwallet setup to use our new database driven infrastructure powered by Mastercore. There was quite a bit of work involved in getting a Database ready for this release. The teams have been working almost around the clock for the past few weeks in preparation. Now that we have the base structures in place we can start to focus on cleaning up the rest of the code, optimizing it for performance and enhancing the usefulness of the data on-hand. 

We love a good celebration and would be amiss if we didn’t step back and enjoy this accomplishment for a little bit but there is still plenty of work to be done. We’ve gotten some good feedback on the system so far but are always looking for more. We encourage you to log in and look around, all user wallets are still accessible and on first load/access will be updated/stored into the database.

Have you heard, Omniwallet went to a Database