Introducing La’Zooz – a new project integrated on the Master Protocol

By Judith Jakubovics – BizDev at the Mastercoin Foundation

Dear Masterminds,

Transportation and traffic jams are basic parts of our modern lives.

These are exactly the issues that the La’Zooz team are dealing with. It will save our precious time and money, will reduce global pollution, will require less investment in infrastructures and much more…

So what is the La’Zooz project?

The name of the project: La’Zooz,  means to move.

The token of the projcet is : Zooz,  means : move

It is all about smart ride sharing and collaboration.

La’Zooz  will synchonize empty seats with transportation needs in real time to create a great ride-sharing experience for a “fair” fair.

Less cars on the roads, less global pollution, less expenses on infrastructures – really AWESOME.

La’Zooz is creating a Decentralized Transportation web that will not only be run by the community, but it will be owned by the community. “Fair share” and “fair fare” were two of the basic values that led La`Zooz team in its creation process.

La`Zooz is using the bitcoin 2.0 technology in order to distribute abundance to as many contributors that will come and by that La’Zooz is opening the floodgates for developers designers and users.

La`Zooz will move its “Proof of movement” mining Android App into Beta stage.It  will enable people who believe in ride sharing and other smart transportation solutions to change the way transportation on planet earth looks like.

La’Zooz is introducing one of the better schemes  for a shared economy, as a decentralized organization that can grow exponentially with no outer limitations.

Here are some tweets and quotes about La’Zooz – I am sure that you don’t  want to miss these :  will take care of trust for us all and the #blockhchain will see @uber to the door. @lazoozorg “

If you want to know more, please visit here:

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 Great things are happening to the Master Protocol

Point of contact for companies and organizations who want to issue a token (Judith Jakubovics) Judith (-at-) and on Skype: Judith.Jakubovics

Introducing La’Zooz – a new project integrated on the Master Protocol

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