Activation of delegated issuance of tokens

Dear Omni Layer users,

Key Takeaway: Mandatory Upgrade to Omni Core Version 0.11.0 before Bitcoin block 702250

After the activation, it will now be possible for a Token Issuer to delegate issuance authority to a new address, for the issuance, freezing or unfreezing of units of a managed token. For full details please see corresponding release notes.

Synopsis: Beginning with Bitcoin block 702250, which is expected to be on or about 26rd September, 2021, Feature Activation 17 (Delegated issuance of tokens) will go live.

In order to take advantage of the new functionality, we ask that all operators please complete the upgrade to Omni Core 0.11.0 before block 702250 at their earliest convenience. Please see:

To avoid any consensus divergences, for example when a user with an old version considers a transaction as invalid, while it is actually valid under new rules, Omni Core versions lower than 0.11.0 will go into a fail-safe state after the activation block height and can no longer be started without falling out of consensus with the network.

Activation of delegated issuance of tokens