State of the Layer: Sep 20 2018


Recent outage update:

We are still investigating the full details behind the issue that caused the recent outage of Omniwallet, OmniExplorer and downstream problems for services that relied on data from them. We want to share what we have found so far and what is being done to mitigate future issues.

What happened:

On Sep 17 at 10:46 UTC the backend process used by our parsing engine to pull Omni protocol data into the database was forcibly terminated by the system due to an unexpected memory violation. The restart & recovery process was delayed due to logistical issues. Once the restart & recovery process began, the data verification and resync took longer than expected.  

What’s next:

First, we are working to eliminate the logistical issues that delayed the restart. Second, we are investigating ways to improve availability, by speeding up the data verification and resync process as well as adding redundancy.

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Project Updates


Our most recent update brought with it some significant behind the scenes updates aimed at improving overall performance, usability,  and reducing duplicate queries to the api.  On the frontend the homepage now has some new transaction stats and graphs and by default flagged properties are now hidden from view on balance displays to cleanup overall usability.


General backend stability improvements, bug fixes and additional data consolidations to support OmniExplorer updates.


Minor performance / ui updates and bug fixes.

Omni Core

Version 0.3.1 was recently released. An important note about CVE-2018-17144. Omni Core is unaffected by the CVE-2018-17144 bug. If you are running v0.3.1 then no further action is necessary. If you haven’t upgraded yet we recommend you do so. See additional information about the release in the recent post here.



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State of the Layer: Sep 20 2018