Have you heard, Omniwallet went to a Database

Some of you may have noticed the shiny blue banner hanging around the Omniwallet homepage today. OmniHomepage For those of you who didn’t we were doing a little cleanup on the infrastructure this afternoon. Cleaning out some of the old data sources and getting Omniwallet setup to use our new database driven infrastructure powered by Mastercore. There was quite a bit of work involved in getting a Database ready for this release. The teams have been working almost around the clock for the past few weeks in preparation. Now that we have the base structures in place we can start to focus on cleaning up the rest of the code, optimizing it for performance and enhancing the usefulness of the data on-hand. 

We love a good celebration and would be amiss if we didn’t step back and enjoy this accomplishment for a little bit but there is still plenty of work to be done. We’ve gotten some good feedback on the system so far but are always looking for more. We encourage you to log in and look around, all user wallets are still accessible and on first load/access will be updated/stored into the database.

Have you heard, Omniwallet went to a Database

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  1. Thanks dexX , you are right i completely forgot that.
    Ron, Manageable properties refers to grants / revokes. The ability to create a property and then issue or revoke tokens for the property. This is a new feature available in the 0.0.8 tagged release of Mastercore that Omniwallet has support for parsing (we are still working on the issuance pages)

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