Omniwallet Milestone v0.19

Last week saw us rolling out Omniwallet driven by the Omniengine/Mastercore powered database. In addition to this massive conversion we also closed out our most recent Milestone which addresses some critical bugs and adds some continuity improvements. We’ve got a few new items in the works which should start making their way into the next few releases so keep an eye out for those coming improvements.

Milestone Summary (See the full list of details on Github):

  • Update servers to patch bash vulnerability
  • Roll in Database-staging branch to production
  • Inform/warn user when wallet can’t be saved to server and take action to prevent loss from incorrect information
  • Change login modal to not autoswitch
  • UI/UX updates
  • Rapid deployment of updated code
  • Crowd-sourced Security Testing
  • Continuing integration of Master Core features
On the Horizon:
  • Email field for backups/wallet id recovery
  • Send by fiat value
  • Support for currency localizations
  • Additional SP token values in USD

Take a look and let us know what you think, we’re always happy for user feedback.

So come checkout what we’re working on next before you Run Out of Gas.

Omniwallet Milestone v0.19