Conferences, Notes from the Road & Important Projects In The Works


Its been a whirl wind tour of the globe the last four weeks as I have had the honor of representing the MSC Foundation at Bitcoin conferences in:

Isle of Man: Speech on the Future of Bitcoin and Beyond (see slides here: )

davidjohnston Isle of man

Shanghai: Fellow Blockchain Nerds Getting Dumplings Downtown

Bitcoin Nerds in Shanghai

London: Right after presenting bitcoin as a way to marry the programmable web with programmable money.


Vegas: Right after presenting on the mining panel and discussing a future where protocols such as Master Protocol support the development of bitcoin ecosystem and provide other revenue sources for miners.


Having literally circled the earth twice in the last few weeks its nice to be home in Austin for a day or two.

Next Stop Israel, Drop Me A Line:

My next stop is Tel Aviv this Sunday and Monday (October 19th and 20th) if you are involved in the MSC community in Israel and want to connect while I’m in Israel just email me:

MSC funders, not to worry I’m as frugal as they come and with a combination of conferences paying for my flights when I’m speaking (which is every conference I attend) and accommodations at AirBnB ($35 per night in Vegas) its been minimal cost to the Foundation to be represented at these Bitcoin events, where the community all rallies together.

I believe all this travel has benefited the Foundation as it presented opportunities to meet in person with the projects building on top of the MSC Protocol, spread the word about the platform’s new capabilities, and recruit more developers and sponsors for the Foundation and its work going forward.

Notes from the Road + Important Projects Emerging:

Its encouraging to meet in person the founders behind all the amazing projects that are being built in the MSC community, allow me to take a moment to highlight a few of the most important projects coming out in the near future:

The project (formally Real Coin) to convert fiat USD into digital tokens (Tether) on top of the blockchain, exchangeable for BTC or any other digital token. When this launches, it will open up a broad new channel for users to easily convert their money from the legacy financial system into the new digital blockchain based economy.

The Merchant Coin project will equip bitcoin advocates with the tools to sign up merchants to accept bitcoins at their business and they will be issuing their tokens on top of the MSC protocol. The goal here being to super charge the number of merchants accepting bitcoins by rewarding advocates directly for their work to sign up merchants.

The Factom project is growing quickly and I certainly want the MSC community to be at the heart of their mission to extend the scalability of blockchains, by solving the bloat issue, allow for instant confirmations, and reduce transaction costs. All of which benefits Omni Wallet and all the other projects integrating with MasterCore and the capabilities of the MSC protocol. Factom will be issuing its tokens on top of the MSC protocol and the MSC core developers are examining ways to leverage the Factom project to improve the speed and performance of MSC transactions.

Thanks to the MasterCore and Omni Wallet teams for pushing out all the new features that are making these projects possible.

I look forward to seeing many of you in person at the next conference.

Best Regards,

David A. Johnston

Chairman of the MSC Foundation Board of Directors

Conferences, Notes from the Road & Important Projects In The Works

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  1. Way to go David, you are a hard working man with loads of great energy. Everyone involved with Mastercoin should be grateful for your leadership. Also, you really saved the day in Vegas by explaining to my wife how great the crypto world is. Thanks again. Keep up the good work.

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