State of the Layer: March 21 2019


This is a reminder to the community that Omni is not and does not run any type of ‘Bonus’ events where you can ‘claim’ any sort of reward or token. Please be extra careful of any site that asks you to login to your Omniwallet or provide any sensitive information in exchange for free money. Remember If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. Users should be suspicious of people or situations that offer any type of benefit and ask for very little in return.

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Project Updates

OmniExplorer & OmniAPI

Our next update has been rolled out this morning. This update brings with it some ux improvements including partner explorer transaction links, automated banner messages if issue is detected on backend, additional tooltips/banners for transactions. Also now available is the Feature activation list in the misc menu and several minor bug fixes/layout tweaks.


Minor layout/message updates.

Omni Core

Reminder the newest release is out, please make sure you have upgraded to Omnicore 0.4.0 released


State of the Layer: All Hands – Feb 13 2019

State of the Layer: March 21 2019