State of the Layer: All Hands – Jan 23 2018

Community Updates

With the beginning of 2018 the Omni Foundation is kicking off the new year with a new attention to community. As our first course to this goal we are going to be holding an AMA on our reddit tomorrow, Jan 25, from 10am – 10pm UTC. We encourage you to join us with your questions about the Omni Protocol, the Foundation and the projects we are working on. We will have a few Team members from different time zones popping in/out throughout the day to respond to questions and discussions on Omni.

Project Updates

Our block explorer website,, will be undergoing some updates and changes over the next few weeks. The current maintainer of the site is stepping away to focus on more personal matters going forward and will not be able to continue its development. Additional information about the re-release of the new explorer will follow in the coming weeks.


Our reference client is now on version 0.3.0. There are many new features (both client side and protocol side) that we are working on and want to get released to the community this year. As with most projects development and accurate testing are a huge factor when it comes to releasing anything new. To that end we are currently looking for additional c++ developers familiar with bitcoin technology who would like to participate in and contribute to the project.  Any interested applicants can contact


Omniwallet continues on as usual. Once the OmniExplorer project is complete we hope to begin working on some much needed updates and improvements to streamline and improve the ease the use for most new comers.


State of the Layer: All Hands – Dec 19 2017

State of the Layer: All Hands – Jan 23 2018