State of the Layer: June 14 2018


Our previous announced Planned Maintenance is now completed. This update has allowed us to add several new optimizations to our backend which has resulted in  significant performance improvements for our frontend applications.

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Project Updates


Benefiting from the backend updates OmniAPI interactions and as such all OmniExplorer and Omniwallet experiences should be significantly quicker to respond now. The next update which includes some additional informational menu items and optimizations should be ready for release next month.


All backend updates and changes have been updated and incorporated into the project. Additionally we’ve pushed a few bug fixes and optimizations to the parsing engine


Version 0.3.1 is going through some final testing. Eager early adopters can pull the develop branch from the github repo to test out the pending updates. We welcome testing feedback in the repo as well. This upcoming release will include some rpc interface bug fixes and some new rpc calls aimed at trying to simplify some of the integration paths/use cases of the client. Full details will be available upon final release.



State of the Layer: All Hands – May 23 2018

State of the Layer: June 14 2018

Maintenance Event – June 5th 14:00 UTC

Planned Maintenance:

On Tuesday June 5th we will be performing our previously mentioned planned maintenance to upgrade several backend components.

The Maintenance will start at approx 14:00 UTC June 5th, and we expect it to last around 8 hours. During this maintenance window all Omniwallet and OmniExplorer services will be temporarily unavailable. We strongly encourage any users who expect to need access to their wallets during this time attempt to perform any movements before the maintenance window begins or to take the proper preparatory steps necessary to have any needed funds available in alternate locations.

This Maintenance will not affect any Omnicore users or any integrations using the Omnicore client. Any services which are directly utilizing Omniwallet or OmniExplorer will be unavailable during this time.

Maintenance Event – June 5th 14:00 UTC