Omniwallet Milestone V0.14

With Master Core about to launch its first official version the Omni team has spent the past 2 weeks spinning up multiple test instances and getting back-end code updated and changed to leverage the new data source. Milestone v0.14, aka The Train Job, has been anything but. How can it be a Job when we enjoy what we do so much. With its completion we’ve got some exciting new (and a few overdue) features available as well as the typical collection of bug fixes and ui/ux tweaks.

Milestone Summary (See the full list of details on Github):
  • Add ‘Cancel Offer’ functionality for DEx sales
  • Resolved issue with inactive data visible in DEx
  • Calculate Maidsafe value from exchange data
Constantly Ongoing
  • UI/UX updates
  • Constant rapid deployment of updated code
  • Crowd-sourced Security Testing
On the Horizon:
  • Send-to-Owners
  • SP token values
  • Continuing integration of Master Core features

Take a look and let us know what you think, we’re always happy for user feedback.

Next up, Milestone v0.15

Omniwallet Milestone V0.14

Omniwallet Milestone v0.13

This week marks the end of Milestone v0.13 (Codename Serenity) and the start of Milestone v0.14. We’ve been hard at work addressing some critical issues and refining some existing ones. Take a look and let us know what you think, we’re always happy for user feedback.

Milestone Summary (See the full list of details on Github):
  • Resolved issue with paying for DEx offers
  • Resolved issue using compressed address
  • Crowdsale / Asset Issuance pages now available (test eco system) on production.
  • Cleaned up wording/item placements around the interface (tooltip)
  • Standardized Time displays to UTC across wallet choose timezone in preferences
On the Horizon:
  • Crowdsale / Asset Issuance (live eco system)
  • Send-to-Owners
  • SP token values
  • Prep for full integration of Mastercore

Constantly Ongoing

  • UI/UX updates
  • Constant rapid deployment of updated code
  • Crowdsourced Security Testing
Omniwallet Milestone v0.13

Recent Changes in the Mastercoin Foundation Board

We would like to update you regarding a few changes that have happened in the Mastercoin Board.

First, we added a few observers to the board:

Craig Sellars, our CTO, and Dominik Zynis, our Director of Bizdev, have been extremely helpful in navigating the strategic direction of Mastercoin. Nick Lambert, the COO of MaidSafe, has agreed to represent MaidSafe as an observer, and have already contributed meaningful insights.

Brock Pierce, an early Mastercoin investor, has chosen to step down from the board, in favor of neutrality and focus – please read his parting letter below. You can find the updated board structure on

I have chosen to resign from the Mastercoin Foundation board after working with the project for nearly a year. I got involved by being an early investor in the project through the Exodus address. My belief and confidence in the project and team has not changed in the slightest. The team has done an amazing job pioneering the extensibility of the Bitcoin protocol and have made many significant accomplishments to date with many more on the horizon. I will continue to be large stakeholder in MSC. The reason for my stepping down is that I have reached the limit of the number of boards I can serve on and be effective. My partner Jonathan Yantis is already on the board of the Mastercoin Foundation so I know my interests will continue to be represented by him and the rest of the board. I look forward to continuing to work with each of you to make Mastercoin more successful. Thank you again for creating the opportunity to get involved.

Best regards,


Recent Changes in the Mastercoin Foundation Board

Masterchest Wallet *fully* deprecated

Since we’ve been adding new features to the Master Protocol and enabling these new features on the Bitcoin blockchain, Masterchest Wallet is now fully end-of-life and deprecated, and can no longer be used.

Users who wish to use a downloadable wallet will be able to use Master Core once it is released.

To continue using the addresses in your wallet and your Master Protocol tokens, please use the following instructions to export your private keys from Bitcoin Core for import into Omniwallet:

Masterchest Wallet *fully* deprecated

We are recruiting a Director of Communications

The mission of Mastercoin Foundation is to become the standard protocol for smart properties and virtual currencies on the Bitcoin network by providing peer-driven development of enabling transactions for distributed applications that are easy to use, secure, and decentralized.  Recently projects such as MaidSafe have chosen Master Protocol to issue tokens for their p2p application economy, and we are regularly featured in the Wall Street Journal and other business publications; we are the premier smart contracts project for Bitcoin.

Job Summary:

The Mastercoin Foundation is growing, and beyond hiring developers we have a need  for a Director of Communications who will be responsible for all mass communications and support.

This role will inform Mastercoin holders of latest developments, engage and attract bloggers and press, engage the community through blogs, forums and social networks, attract new developers and open source projects into the Master Protocol ecosystem.  As well ensuring that we are managing the feedback from stakeholders for the software that Mastercoin Foundation funds.

This role has 3 key aspects regarding team:  Must have solid team experience

  1. This role will harvest and maintain healthy relationships at a technical level with developers who use Master Protocol or develop it so that good news is being communicated.
  2. Work with the Mastercoin Foundation management to ensure direction and communication regarding important milestones.
  3. Work closely with our business development team to cultivate relationships with developers building services businesses (exchanges, ATMs, wallets, games, etc.) in the Bitcoin space to ensure that the benefits of incorporating Master Protocol are considered.

Who we need:

■     An Entrepreneur with a clear vision of Mastercoin who is ready to embark on new terrain

■     Evangelist who will promote Master Protocol and the opportunity it represents

■     A Muse who will attract and convince new developers to use Master Protocol

■     Strong writer who will generate documentation and blogs, directly and through our dev team

■     Collect and analyze feedback from developers and other stakeholders on how Master Protocol

■     Cultivate relationships with press, analysts and bloggers in our ecosystem and represent us

■     Develop and manage Mastercoin support and social network engagement teams

You’re a good fit if…

■       A leader – Motivated, Self-starter, Enthusiastic, Creative, and Pragmatic

■      Passionate about Bitcoin, and p2p system as a platform for trading anything (legal)

■      Excellent verbal and written communication skills with a proven track record. You’ve spoken and written publicly (e.g., conference speaker, blogger, etc.)

■      Excellent prioritization skills to identify and deliver the most important things first

■      Self directed, can pull directions and resources from others as needed

■      Enjoys decentralized organizations without a physical hub or strict working hours

■      CS degree helpful or equivalent work experience

■      Willingness to travel every few months

■      Prefer similar style we are looking for and is familiar with forum culture, preferably familiar with Bitcointalk/reddit culture

Show us…

■      Blog post, video or other writing on a technical topic

■      Bitcointalk profile

■      Tech-related Social MediaTwitter accounts (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora)

■      Documentation or tech writing you created

■      GitHub repository

■      A track record of working in high speed startups

■      Your analysis of our communications status, and suggested action items to improve

■      Bonus: Management experience


Please inquire with and copy Dominik Zynis, Head of Business Development at Mastercoin Foundation (


We are recruiting a Director of Communications

Omniwallet is recruiting a CEO

TL;DR – We are recruiting a CEO for a new company – – which will be “the of altcoins and appcoins”. Please review the interim business plan and the Omniwallet service and submit applications here (the standard $6000 referral reward does not apply here).

The Bitcoin 2.0 space, and crypto-currencies in general, are maturing.

We believe that crypto-currency users deserves one, great wallet, that supports all their needs. Users don’t want to have ten different wallets: One for Bitcoin, another for Litecoin, a 3rd one for Peercoin, more for Colored Coins, Mastercoin, Counterparty, Ripple, Ethereum … it never ends!

Instead of each protocol developing their own wallet, we believe there should be a good unified open source solution that works with all types of currencies, blockchains, and protocols, under the same account. We plan to support hundreds of currencies, leveraging a modular, plugin-based, open source architecture. Users will be able to code plugins to support their favorite crypto-currencies, and even host their own versions of Omniwallet.

There is a huge business case for such a wallet company. To fulfill this business need, we are taking the team, codebase, and brand of Omniwallet, and leveraging that for this greater purpose. We are calling out for an experienced entrepreneur and CEO to step in, solidify the vision and business strategy behind Omniwallet, and take it to the next level. Instead of a division inside the non-profit Mastercoin Foundation, Omniwallet will transform into an independent for-profit company that still supports Mastercoin and the Master Protocol, but is more inclusive to other protocols.

There are several potential revenue streams for such a company, such as affiliation, API/SaaS model, licensing fees for white-labeled wallets, and more. We look forward to assisting the new CEO in expanding and refining these models, raising money for the company, and guiding this evolution of Omniwallet.

What’s next? If you have what it takes, we eagerly await your application.


  1. Who should apply?
    1. People with the right management experience, experience with Cryptocurrencies, passionate, proven entrepreneurs, and the ability to raise money from angel and VC investors and build and lead organizations.
  2. Are we committed to the process?
    1. We believe it is the right move, both for Omni, for Mastercoin, and for the crypto-community at large. The timing and structure of this move depends on the CEO, the rest of the Omni team, and the business strategy we build together.
  3. Who will choose the CEO?
    1. The Omniwallet team, with input from the Mastercoin Foundation board. We will not “drop down” a CEO on the team without a buy-in from them.
      As the Mastercoin Executive Director, I will personally help the Omniwalelt team with the filtering and evaluation process.
  4. Will the CEO get paid? How? Is there funding from the Mastercoin Foundation?
    1. The Mastercoin Foundation itself will not be allocating a budget towards this company. However the CEO will receive founder equity in the new company.One path to proceed is for the CEO to solidify the business plan, understand the costs involved, present and approve a funding plan. Funding the endeavour will be done via the private sector and not via the Foundation. The CEO will negotiate their salary with the investors that he finds and secures.

      Potential funding sources include angels, VCs, crowdsale, and individual members of the Mastercoin Foundation board (but not the Foundation itself).

      Until funding is secured for the project, the CEO will not receive direct funding. We can consider doing a quick pre-seed round just to get the ball rolling, and setup for a larger seed/VC round in a few months.

      FYI, there is already a bounty of 5000 Peercoins available for integration Peercoin into Omniwallet.

  5. How will we monetize Omniwallet?
    1. This is a strategic issue the CEO will need to decide. We believe that we need to focus on growth first, not monetization, but we should also plan out for the future monetization in advance.
  6. Who are the current team members? Who else do we need?
    1. Answer on github.
  7. Who funded Omniwallet so far, and how much was spent?
    1. will start as a new company, from scratch. It will take as assets the vision, team, open source codebase, and brand & domain. Out of these, the only thing that belongs to the Foundation is the brand & domain.The Foundation invested around $200,000-250,000 USD in developing Omni thus far and building a core development team.
  8. How will shares in the company be distributed?
    1. This is up for discussion between the new CEO, the current dev team, and any new investors.
  9. How mature is Omniwallet?
    1. It has been running as Alpha in production with real money since April. It has recently graduated to Beta stage.We currently (July 8th) have 2421 total accounts on Omniwallet. Some statistics can be found on the status page, and more are coming.
  10. What is the key advantage that Omniwallet have over market competitors
    1. See the business plan.


References & Quotes

  1. Open issues on the business plan
  2. Eden Shochat,
    “The potential employment impact for Europe by using the blockchain to store mastercoin / colored coins to implement local / topical currencies … is higher than the alternative value of a specific one currency like bitcoin”
  3. The Value of Appcoins
  4. Network Effects and Competition
  5. Current state of Master Protocol on Lets Talk Bitcoin

Bounty of 5000 peercoins for integrating Peercoin into Omniwallet

Omniwallet is recruiting a CEO

MasterChest Wallet Critical Update

A CRITICAL update (build 0040) has been posted for MasterChest Wallet v0.4a that addresses an edge-case to crowdsale parsing discovered during internal testing. No current user balances are affected, but this update is required for all users to stay in consensus as additional Smart Properties and crowdsales are issued.

Please update your wallet now by downloading the new version at:

MasterChest Wallet Critical Update

Update: Poloniex Brings on Mastercoin

Quick update

We are excited to work with such a resourceful team at Poloniex to provide our community access to another exchange. Poloniex, now the highest-volume exchange of Monero, currency of anonymous-blockchain project CryptoNote, is now live with MSC trading followed by Maidsafecoin (MAID) trading expected soon after. Poloniex owner, Tristan D’Agosta, stated, “We are highly anticipating the Master Core release and will be adopting it as soon as it is available.”

Update: Poloniex Brings on Mastercoin

Omniwallet Goes Beta

As of July 1st the Omniwallet team is proud to announce the move to Beta.

With this release we have moved off our test domain and to the official We also have brought in the first stages of an updated UI, a streamlined experience, additional functionality, intuitive interactions and numerous bug fixes/patches. We are also happy to report that all user data was preserved during the transition.

On the Horizon:

  • Asset Issuance/Crowdsale pages (create your own tokens/crowdsale)
  • MetaDEx (trade user coins for user coins)
  • Send-to-Owners (all holders receive a token payment)
  • Automated Unit Testing and Deployments leveraging Jenkins and Vagrant


  • More UI/UX updates
  • Constant rapid deployment of updated code
  • Crowdsourced Security Testing

Milestone Summary: (See the full list of resolved issues on Github)

  • New
  • Changes/Updates
    • Update UI (Sidebars, footer, styling)
    • Clean up error messages to user (multiple)
    • Updated SSL certificate
    • Backup/export wallet now exports Wallet Import Format key
    • Fixed Send payment for pending DEx offer page
    • Fixed balance displays affected by floating point bug
    • Fix asset details breakdown on overview page
    • Fix Send page ‘from address/balance’ issues

This has been a long time coming and the development team has worked hard to make it happen. The development cycle has been one of rapid deployment, pushing fixes/patches to the code base in response to testing results and feature implementations. We will continue to follow this methodology to bring you the best product we can.

Omniwallet Goes Beta