OMNI Now Available on Bitfinex

OMNI, the world’s second-largest digital asset platform and the premier application layer on Bitcoin is now available for trading on the Bitfinex ( exchange platform under the ticker symbol OMN against the BTC and USD markets.

Bitfinex is a digital asset trading platform that was founded in 2012 and offers state-of-the-art services for digital currency traders and global liquidity providers.

The Omni Layer is an overlay protocol on top of Bitcoin and holds over $2 billion in digital assets. Its tokens are the most traded digital assets on the planet, with the leading stable coin Tether USD₮ as its primary tenant. The project, formerly called Mastercoin and launched in August of 2013, was the world’s first ICO crowdsale, first decentralized smart contract platform and first decentralized exchange. Omni is an innovative open-source, community-driven project that allows for the creation of managed digital assets, securities, currencies and smart contract functionality on top of Bitcoin and Bitcoin-derived cryptocurrencies.  The Omni Layer is one of the oldest and longest-running open source development projects in the crypto ecosystem, continuing to lead innovative development in this exciting and fast-moving space.

More info is available at, where you can learn about the advanced protocol capabilities of the Omni Layer on Bitcoin and download software for digital asset issuance, security token issuance, non-fungible token issuance, decentralized ICOs, and the decentralized exchange. Contributors are welcome at

We welcome the listing of OMNI and Omni Layer assets like USD₮ on wallets and exchanges, and the Omni Layer team is always available to assist with integration on the official telegram channel:

OMNI Now Available on Bitfinex

State of the Layer: October 26 2018


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Project Updates

OmniExplorer & OmniAPI

We’re currently working on some performance optimizations and layout improvements for the Explorer homepage and transaction lists.


Minor performance updates and bug fixes.

Omni Core

Documentation updates and planning for the next release.


OmniJ 0.5.6 was released (CHANGELOG)  This version updates many dependencies and supports the latest Omni Core release. It also requires Java 8 or later.


State of the Layer: All Hands – Sep 20 2018

State of the Layer: October 26 2018