Update: Poloniex Brings on Mastercoin

Quick update

We are excited to work with such a resourceful team at Poloniex to provide our community access to another exchange. Poloniex, now the highest-volume exchange of Monero, currency of anonymous-blockchain project CryptoNote, is now live with MSC trading followed by Maidsafecoin (MAID) trading expected soon after. Poloniex owner, Tristan D’Agosta, stated, “We are highly anticipating the Master Core release and will be adopting it as soon as it is available.”


Update: Poloniex Brings on Mastercoin

Factors Bringing About The Next Bitcoin Bubble

By Dominik Zynis, Head of Business Development, Mastercoin Foundation

The Mastercoin Foundation is heavily invested in the success of Bitcoin, as mjfk bitcoinost of our funds are denominated in bitcoin with the exception of the development Mastercoins which vest over eternity.  So we are generally concerned about the price of bitcoin and whether ecosystem is evolving in a way that will increase that price and therefore lower our burn rate.

It is difficult to attribute direct causal relationships to events like the rise of bitcoin price in 2013. However, factors such as the following would appear to be major factors contributing to the double bubble that happened in 2013:

  • the halving in late 2012
  • the emergence of ASICs which are predominately produced by Chinese manufacturers
  • an influx of interest by high net worth individuals,
  • continued merchant adoption coupled with consumer adoption

So this begs the question of why the stagnation in price over the last 6 months even though we are seeing even more investment activity in the space.

If one views this from the perspective that the market is a guiding force perhaps one can deduce some patterns that affect the price leading to boom and bust periods.

I propose that this is due to two particular patterns:

Continue reading “Factors Bringing About The Next Bitcoin Bubble”

Factors Bringing About The Next Bitcoin Bubble

Master Protocol Dev Update Week of May 12, 2014


Adoption of Agile Methods: Omni Wallet Sprints

Our development methodology in prior months revolved primarily around a generalized, broad milestone system; i.e., build block explorer, build wallet, build decentralized p2p trading functionality and so on.  As the Mastercoin Foundation team transitions toward role-based bounties with an incentive structure that is designed for longer-term working relationships, Adam Chamley reports that Omni team is transitioning to two week sprints with version 0.9 underway (2 week sprint is 50% complete) focusing on high value issues, for more insight into this process see the Omniwallet Development Themes document.


Masterxchange & MaidSafe Progress

The Maidsafe automated token distribution system for those who purchased MSAFE tokens with BTC was completed last week. Balances may be seen using Omniwallet  (test version)or at Masterchest.info.

Masterxchange.com is testing tools to send MSAFE, they should be announcing time frames for release soon.

Security Report

Our Head of Security has provided a great workflow chart for our security processes.workflow

Submissions come in via the security@mastercoin.org email address, the email is turned into a zendesk ticket and auto responded to with information about the bounty program. A user record is created that will be used to group submissions and save BTC and MSC address. The zendesk ticket is turned into a github issue in our private github. All details including a link to zendesk ticket are included. A blank issue with the submission title is also created in our public security github (this public issue is a placeholder and is created to track level, type, and expected award). Issues are managed internally by the security team classifying and validating the issues. Once patched issues are closed, copied over to the public github repo and closed in zendesk. The zendesk is part of the workflow to handle all the communication between the foundation and the researchers.

Master Protocol Dev Update Week of May 12, 2014

Mastercoin Foundation is Growing: Developer Evangelist, Product Manager and Regulatory Engagement Officer

Mastercoin Foundation is growing and beyond hiring developers we have a need for two other people mastercoin_logowho will work to on-board new developers into the Master Protocol ecosystem as well as ensure that we are managing the feedback from stakeholders for the software that Mastercoin Foundation funds.  The roles of Developer Evangelist and Product Manager are critical for this.

Furthermore, it is clear that Master Protocol and Bitcoin can some day function as a transaction technology for regulated financial securities, so long as there is development and nurturing of the technology and service provider ecosystem which would enable complying with securities regulations.  Thus, in order to further engagement with businesses in the finance and banking sectors who are starting the process of integrating the recent crowd funding rules in the USA, and to ensure that we are able to engage with the regulatory officer counterparts at those businesses as well as regulatory bodies, we are seeking someone that can take on the role of Regulatory Engagement Officer. Continue reading “Mastercoin Foundation is Growing: Developer Evangelist, Product Manager and Regulatory Engagement Officer”

Mastercoin Foundation is Growing: Developer Evangelist, Product Manager and Regulatory Engagement Officer

MaidSafecoin Case Study: Retrospective

The retrospective on the MaidSafe crowd sale was completed yesterday. The retrospectiv notes, questions from the community and answers from Mastercoin Foundation staff, BitAngels members and MaidSafe staff are available online.

To join the MaidSafe community and discuss the latest developments head over to safecointalk.org



MaidSafecoin Case Study: Retrospective

News Alert: MaidSafe Sells $6 Million of Bitcoin 2.0 Software in Five Hours

Following article is republished from http://launch.it/launch/maidsafe-sells-6-million-of-bitcoin-20-software-in-five-hours

Seeking Fair Solution to Overwhelming Demand, $2 Million of Crowd-Sale Tokens Re-listed for Bitcoins

Published On: 04.22.14 6.51 pm
TROON, Scotland, April 22, 2014 — MaidSafe (http://maidsafe.net/), creators of blockchain-like technologies that can decentralize nearly every aspect of the Internet, including all Web services, today announcedthe sale of $6 million of its software token, safecoin, in five hours, a record for any kind of crowd-sale. The initial $6 million was comprised of $4 million in Mastercoins (the sale took place using the Mastercoin Protocol) and $2 million in Bitcoin. Noticing the disparity, MaidSafe CEO David Irvine partnered with large buyers to purchase the last $2 million for Mastercoins and relist them for sale—under the exact same terms and at a fixed bonus award of 40 percent—for Bitcoins.
“This is the first sale of this magnitude by any company or foundation using the Mastercoin Protocol and it appeared that Mastercoin purchases were going through more quickly than Bitcoin purchases (which needed to be converted to Mastercoin), with no value fluctuation risk as the terms of 17,000 safecoins per Bitcoin were set and adhered to rigorously,” said Irvine. “In order to be fair to the Bitcoin purchasers, we bought the final $2 million with Mastercoins so we could have a more orderly, fair chance at getting safecoins to everyone who tried to get in the first day. Continue reading “News Alert: MaidSafe Sells $6 Million of Bitcoin 2.0 Software in Five Hours”
News Alert: MaidSafe Sells $6 Million of Bitcoin 2.0 Software in Five Hours

MaidSafecoin Case Study, Part 1: What Is Safecoin?

A few weeks ago MaidSafe.net announced that as part of Project SAFE (“Secure Access For Everyone”), please take the time to read their whitepaper as this is a system 8 years in the making,  a new coin called safecoin would be created to fund the MaidSafe Foundation.  The crowd sale of safecoins is to commence on April 22, 2014 and would continue for a period of 30 days or until the limited number of coins are exhausted, whichever comes first.  In the meantime the crypto community accustomed to talking about the latest alternative coin based on Bitcoin source code has been trying to figure out what is safecoin. Continue reading “MaidSafecoin Case Study, Part 1: What Is Safecoin?”

MaidSafecoin Case Study, Part 1: What Is Safecoin?

Masterchain Wallet – First Beta Release

Announcement from the Masterchain Wallet team:
The first Beta version of our wallet is released. This version includes the following features (delta from alpha):
  • Possibility to add addresses directly to the wallet
  • Possibility to add addresses by entering only private key (address is calculated automatically on the client side in javascript)
  • Sort the addresses in the wallet based on currency / sum
  • Verification that entered private keys match the addresses
  • Full integration of the dEX sell form with the wallet (load addresses from wallet, auto fill masked private key using password)
  • Bug fixes
  • Tested on all popular tablets and smart phones
The excellent videos of MasterProtocol Edu, for example:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2aJyQATQx3Y are more technical and detailed.
Thank you,
Masterchain Wallet Team
Masterchain Wallet – First Beta Release

Tatiana Moroz Presents Bitcoins, Music and Mastercoin with DJ Stoopkid & In Crypto We Trust Hackathon

For the week of April 7th we have two very important events:

Tatiana Moroz Presents Bitcoins, Music and Mastercoin with DJ Stoopkid 

NYC Bitcoin and  Music Industry Party

Heading up to Inside Bitcoins NYC next week?  

Come join Mastercoin Foundation’s board members and executive staff, Craig Sellers, CTO, in NYC on April 7th to celebrate with our host Tatiana Moroz at the NYC Bitcoin Center.

We will be making special announcements around smart tokens via Master Protocol on the Bitcoin network. And get the chance to focus the discuss on how Bitcoin technology can work with the Entertainment industry. 

Details for the event on Facebook.




In Crypto We Trust Hackathon

The Mastercoin Foundation is helping with and sponsoring more hackathons this year.  The next up is In Crypto We Trust during the Toronto conference later this month.

Teams will be competing for great prizes in building innovative application prototypes on Cryptographic Ledger Platforms. The Hackathon finishes just as the Bitcoin Expo starts. SO YOU CAN DO BOTH!

Tickets are $25 per person.

Tatiana Moroz Presents Bitcoins, Music and Mastercoin with DJ Stoopkid & In Crypto We Trust Hackathon

Master Protocol Decentralized Apps and Ecosystem Shooting Up

Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0) http://www.flickr.com/photos/stereogab/12594422883/
Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Spring is almost here in the Mediterranean and with the ability to do p2p trading between MSC and BTC as of block 290630 we want to highlight some of the new applications that are coming out.

Come join us in NYC on APril 7th to celebrate with Tatiana Moroz, our host, and the NYC Bitcoin Center.  Details on FB.

Smart Tokens

There is not definite date set in stone yet as to when some of the earliest types of smart tokens can be issued using the Master Protocol, but the estimate is that sometime in the middle the end  of April anyone will be able to create two types of smart tokens: Continue reading “Master Protocol Decentralized Apps and Ecosystem Shooting Up”

Master Protocol Decentralized Apps and Ecosystem Shooting Up