Omniwallet Goes Beta

As of July 1st the Omniwallet team is proud to announce the move to Beta.

With this release we have moved off our test domain and to the official We also have brought in the first stages of an updated UI, a streamlined experience, additional functionality, intuitive interactions and numerous bug fixes/patches. We are also happy to report that all user data was preserved during the transition.

On the Horizon:

  • Asset Issuance/Crowdsale pages (create your own tokens/crowdsale)
  • MetaDEx (trade user coins for user coins)
  • Send-to-Owners (all holders receive a token payment)
  • Automated Unit Testing and Deployments leveraging Jenkins and Vagrant


  • More UI/UX updates
  • Constant rapid deployment of updated code
  • Crowdsourced Security Testing

Milestone Summary: (See the full list of resolved issues on Github)

  • New
  • Changes/Updates
    • Update UI (Sidebars, footer, styling)
    • Clean up error messages to user (multiple)
    • Updated SSL certificate
    • Backup/export wallet now exports Wallet Import Format key
    • Fixed Send payment for pending DEx offer page
    • Fixed balance displays affected by floating point bug
    • Fix asset details breakdown on overview page
    • Fix Send page ‘from address/balance’ issues

This has been a long time coming and the development team has worked hard to make it happen. The development cycle has been one of rapid deployment, pushing fixes/patches to the code base in response to testing results and feature implementations. We will continue to follow this methodology to bring you the best product we can.

Omniwallet Goes Beta

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