We are recruiting a Director of Communications

The mission of Mastercoin Foundation is to become the standard protocol for smart properties and virtual currencies on the Bitcoin network by providing peer-driven development of enabling transactions for distributed applications that are easy to use, secure, and decentralized.  Recently projects such as MaidSafe have chosen Master Protocol to issue tokens for their p2p application economy, and we are regularly featured in the Wall Street Journal and other business publications; we are the premier smart contracts project for Bitcoin.

Job Summary:

The Mastercoin Foundation is growing, and beyond hiring developers we have a need  for a Director of Communications who will be responsible for all mass communications and support.

This role will inform Mastercoin holders of latest developments, engage and attract bloggers and press, engage the community through blogs, forums and social networks, attract new developers and open source projects into the Master Protocol ecosystem.  As well ensuring that we are managing the feedback from stakeholders for the software that Mastercoin Foundation funds.

This role has 3 key aspects regarding team:  Must have solid team experience

  1. This role will harvest and maintain healthy relationships at a technical level with developers who use Master Protocol or develop it so that good news is being communicated.
  2. Work with the Mastercoin Foundation management to ensure direction and communication regarding important milestones.
  3. Work closely with our business development team to cultivate relationships with developers building services businesses (exchanges, ATMs, wallets, games, etc.) in the Bitcoin space to ensure that the benefits of incorporating Master Protocol are considered.

Who we need:

■     An Entrepreneur with a clear vision of Mastercoin who is ready to embark on new terrain

■     Evangelist who will promote Master Protocol and the opportunity it represents

■     A Muse who will attract and convince new developers to use Master Protocol

■     Strong writer who will generate documentation and blogs, directly and through our dev team

■     Collect and analyze feedback from developers and other stakeholders on how Master Protocol

■     Cultivate relationships with press, analysts and bloggers in our ecosystem and represent us

■     Develop and manage Mastercoin support and social network engagement teams

You’re a good fit if…

■       A leader – Motivated, Self-starter, Enthusiastic, Creative, and Pragmatic

■      Passionate about Bitcoin, and p2p system as a platform for trading anything (legal)

■      Excellent verbal and written communication skills with a proven track record. You’ve spoken and written publicly (e.g., conference speaker, blogger, etc.)

■      Excellent prioritization skills to identify and deliver the most important things first

■      Self directed, can pull directions and resources from others as needed

■      Enjoys decentralized organizations without a physical hub or strict working hours

■      CS degree helpful or equivalent work experience

■      Willingness to travel every few months

■      Prefer similar style we are looking for and is familiar with forum culture, preferably familiar with Bitcointalk/reddit culture

Show us…

■      Blog post, video or other writing on a technical topic

■      Bitcointalk profile

■      Tech-related Social MediaTwitter accounts (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora)

■      Documentation or tech writing you created

■      GitHub repository

■      A track record of working in high speed startups

■      Your analysis of our communications status, and suggested action items to improve

■      Bonus: Management experience


Please inquire with jobs@mastercoin.org and copy Dominik Zynis, Head of Business Development at Mastercoin Foundation (dom@mastercoin.org).


We are recruiting a Director of Communications