State of the Layer: February 13 2019


In the next few weeks we will have the next tagged version of Omni Core ready for release (0.4.0). This will be a major release and consensus critical in terms of the Omni Layer protocol rules so an upgrade is mandatory. It includes some new RPC calls and general fixes and updates for performance. Stay tuned for the full change log in the release notes.

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Project Updates

OmniExplorer & OmniAPI

While work continues on the next release we have pushed a few minor updates and fixes to production.


Minor fixes, 3rd party library updates, and changed out explorer links for transactions.

Omni Core

Testing and finalizing release notes and binaries for Omnicore 0.4.0


We will be moving to a new Trello based roadmap over the next few weeks and once complete we will be opening it up for general review/monitor by the public

State of the Layer: All Hands – Jan 9 2019

State of the Layer: February 13 2019