Omni Core v0.4.0 released

To all Omni Layer integrators and developers,

Today we have released Omni Core v0.4.0.

v0.4.0 is a major release and consensus critical in terms of the Omni Layer protocol rules. An upgrade is mandatory and highly recommended.

During startup the database is checked for consistency issues. If an inconsistency is found, all Omni Layer transactions are reprocessed. Depending on the hardware, this process can take several hours. While no issues are expected during this upgrade, it is crucial to also refresh overlay systems (e.g. balance caches for user accounts), if such a rescan is triggered.

Before updating Omni Core, you can manually perform a consistency check to ensure a proper startup by following the instructions located here:

To download and view the release notes in your browser, please visit:

State of the Layer: All Hands – Feb 13 2019


Omni Core v0.4.0 released