State of the Layer: August 16 2018


There have been recent reports of scam sites starting to popup which aim to imitate Omniwallet in an attempt scam people out of their wallet information. Please remember Omniwallet’s official url is . To prevent loss, always double check the url of the page you are visiting before attempting to login to your wallet. Additionally we urge users to ensure they have setup/enabled a compatible MFA device on their wallet.  As a final note/recap, we recently released the updated Omni Core Integration Guide . If you are looking to integrate Omni Core into your platform this should be your first stop for information.

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Project Updates


General backend stability improvements and bug fixes.


Minor performance / ui updates and bug fixes.


Version 0.3.1 is in final release prep. We are finalizing release notes and verifying builds. We expect to announce the general release within the next 2 weeks. In addition to some general stability and performance improvements this release adds some new rpc calls which support local wallet balances and funded sending.  Funded sending (a more in depth article to follow) allows the use of an additional address to help cover the extra BTC needed when sending an Omni Protocol transaction. In order to validate with the bitcoin blockchain the original sending address will still need at least one utxo to contribute to the transaction but now the bulk of the network/mining fee’s can be paid from a separate address.



State of the Layer: All Hands – July 12 2018

State of the Layer: August 16 2018