Omni Core v0.3.1 Released: Recommended upgrade!

Dear Omni Layer integrators and developers,
we released Omni Core v0.3.1, which is a minor release and not consensus critical in terms of the Omni Layer protocol rules.
Besides other improvements, this release provides two new RPCs to create funded transactions and to pay fees from different sources (omni_funded_send and omni_funded_sendall), two new RPCs (omni_getwalletbalances and omni_getwalletaddressbalances) to query token wallet balances, and significant stability and performance gains of Omni Core.
An upgrade is highly recommended.
To download and view the release notes in your browser, please visit:
While most exchanges list USDT, we would like to ask you to also consider listing Omni, the native token of the Omni Layer protocol. We would be happy to guide or help with an integration.
Please feel free, to contact us for questions.
Omni Core v0.3.1 Released: Recommended upgrade!