Dev Update 8: March Milestones and Omniwallet

This week has shaped up to be both extremely active and rewarding at Mastercoin. Like a growing tree, the branches of the foundation’s DEx implementations are filling in as March begins.


DEx Status

Omniwallet Pre-Alpha Release

$100k Monthly Bounty

Spec and Testing


March 1st marks an important milestone for the DEx implementation consensus, along with end-user workflows and a final decision on user interface examples. This week, three iterations of the Omniwallet have been released internally. With each new build, more testing and bug fixes are taking place. UI elements are evolving rapidly and the wallet is getting closer to its public debut. Today the newest build of the Omniwallet has been released and now includes:

a. Early trading interface.

b. Revised wallet display & address details.

c. Account identification by email address.

d. Backend wallet persistence.

e. UI/UX improvements to Trade/History pages.

f. Transaction Sign/Send implemented.

g. Trade History page, updates to Offers data API endpoint.

If you would like to test the latest release of the Omniwallet, please visit

DISCLAIMER: Please do not transfer your real MSC or BTC to this wallet just yet. There are several open issues and you may lose all of your coins. Only trust this wallet with test MSC until the official release.

To track the Omniwallet’s open issues, visit

Yuval sharpened his UI mockups this week after several meetings with the Omniwallet dev team to create a masterful early trading interface.  Faiz completed improvements to the UX of the trade history pages. Curtis and Faiz revised a few issues with the wallet display and address details. Patrick has been leading the effort in turning account creation and logins to be based on email address rather than ID numbers.

$100,000 Monthly Bounty

Entries for the $100k innovation bounty are coming to a close for the month of February.  J.R. streamlined the $100k/month milestone bounty process this week to use Google Forms for collecting work summaries and peer evaluations. In March, we will continue with February’s primary goal, as the same $100k bounty will be offered: $50k going toward innovation of the DEx, $35k toward smart property innovation, and $15k toward general innovation.

Spec and Testing

J.R. has  updated the spec extensively this week especially with regards to Smart Property. The most important change is the addition of “kickstarter-style” fundraisers modeled after our own Mastercoin fundraiser, where the number of smart property tokens created are in proportion to the amount of funds raised from investors. The spec for Smart Property is now ready to be coded (pull request #52 has been merged to the master spec).

Marv has been working on test requirements for Simple Send, Sell MSC for BTC, and purchase MSC with BTC. He is now ready to hand these test requirements to the devs and testers to tailor for each client. Further, Marv is working on test results capturing with Adam using Google forms.

Peter this week has continued working on tree-chains, spec work, and testing. He updated python-bitcoinlib with more functionality and thinks it would be useful to use it to give an example of making up blockchains for use with testnet/regtest for unit testing confirmation and reorg related behavior.


This week Zathras released the first public alpha of the wallet (sans DEx module). A large number of bugs were fixed across the library, wallet and engine. Further, the consensus system has been fixed. Zathras is rewriting DEx state processing to accommodate all recent changes and clarifications.





Dev Update 8: March Milestones and Omniwallet