Introducing Omniwallet (pre-alpha, developers wanted!)

Hello everyone,

You might have seen the variety of wallets coming out at (if you not – go check them out!). Today I’d like to introduce another exciting project we’ve been working on – the Omniwallet.


The Omniwallet will be a new type of web wallet that combines security, usability and multi-currency support.

It is currently in early development, and is expected to get a lot better with the upcoming weeks. Anyone contributing to its development is entitled to bounties – specifically, check out the bounty for integrating Litecoin and Peercoin.

Best in class security


  1. Private keys are never sent to the server except in an encrypted form.
  2. Private keys are always backed up (encrypted), so even if the server goes offline or is compromised, you can always migrate to another wallet
  3. Everything is open source from the ground up!
  4. You can deploy the Omniwallet on your own server and host your own instance, or use one of the service providers that will host it for you – your money, your choice.

Baked in usability


  1. No software to download or install, no blockchain to synchronize and verify – it just works, lightning fast.
  2. Carefully planned layout, with common operations emphasized
  3. Beautiful and intuitive User Interface
  4. Special care is taken to smooth out operational edge cases to prevent mistakes and ensure a painless experience for the user

Multi-currency support


  1. Omniwallet comes with a pre-built support for Bitcoin, Mastercoin and Test Mastercoins
  2. Native support for Smart Property and User-Generated Currencies
  3. Alt-coin support – the Omniwallet will support coins that go outside of the usual Mastercoin ecosystem, such as Litecoin, Peercoin and more.

Out current status

The Omniwallet is in full-speed development. Our vision and goal are well defined, and we are scrambling to develop the functionality and bring everything up to production grade quality as soon as possible.

We would like to get your involvement in the development effort! So go ahead and:

  1. Play around with it and give us suggestions.
  2. Report bugs on github.
  3. Code up and send in pull requests that fix some of these issues.

Contributions are eligible for the bounties we have in place – so please be sure to submit any contribution you make to the bounty thread.

The current alpha wallet is available for initial testing – be advised that this is changing very rapidly by a daily basis, and so the live product is still very different from the vision – our job over the next weeks and months is ramping up this vision.

Please don’t send any real money to this wallet yet, but just get a sense of the UI, look at the code, and report bugs. The server that this wallet is hosted on currently is a temporary testing server and should not receive any actual BTC/MSC deposits! If you’ve read the previous warning, you can take a look at the test instance live here.

Ping me on skype (ripper234) if you want to get involved.

Introducing Omniwallet (pre-alpha, developers wanted!)

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