Introducing the First Two Full-time Mastercoin Developers

The last two weeks have been a roller-coaster of emotions and some sacrifices had to be made but I’m very pleased that starting January two new developers will be added to the Mastercoin project.maran

Some of you might already know me via the Bitcointalk forums where I’m know as Tachikoma. I’m a Dutch developer based out of Amsterdam. A few months ago when I read the Mastercoin paper I decided to build a little web-application that could show you how many Mastercoins you bought via the Exodus fundraiser. This is what got me started on Mastercoin development and I never stopped since. This app is now known as Mastercoin Explorer. I also proposed the transaction type now known as Class B transactions based on Bitcoin’s multisig.

I’m not alone in this, I’m bringing my good friend and fellow developer Jeffrey (z0mbie on the forums) with me. We’ve been developing together for 7 years now and my only hard requirement for accepting a job with the foundation was that I could bring him along. Jeffrey brings a lot of low level coding experience to the table which is invaluable for the project ahead of us.

Jeffrey will take the lead on the Mastercoin Go implementation, an important project we hope will prove to be so successful it’s deemed worthy of the title “The Mastercoin reference implementation”. I will be adding new features to the Ruby based tools while also contributing on the Go codebase.

We will be dividing our time between Mastercoin and our old workplace since we sadly can’t just get up and leave them without proper notice. We will be starting with a 20% position in January and should be full-time in April. Although there is still a chance we might be able to go full-time quicker than that.

We already starting working on the Go implementation and we can hopefully give a timetable on the development at the end of January. If you haven’t read our initial proposal for the Go implementation you can find the thread here.

If you have any questions about the Mastercoin Go implementation you can reach out via the forums or at

Introducing the First Two Full-time Mastercoin Developers

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  1. […] Our first announced hire was Peter Todd as Chief Scientist for the organization who will join full time starting in February 2014.  Meanwhile Maran Hidskes and Jeffrey Wilcke who you may know as the developers for have joined starting January 2014; Jeffrey will focus his effort on a reference implementation of masteroind (think bitcoind) in Go; if you would like to learn more about them Maran has written an introduction blog at […]

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