Master Core beta on August 1st

You may have noticed that the countdown timer on has been changed. Not the deadline, but what is going to happen when the counter reaches zero.

August 1st is Mastercoin’s first birthday. And just as when something begins to grow up and it begins to get its legs, so does this metaphor. We have an opportunity to provide a better platform, upon which we can build better features. The developers have convinced me that if the focus were on a single implementation, the half of the time that is spent working out consensus would be regained. We realized how quickly developers could adapt and create new features upon this new platform. We realized we could build a better MetaDEx on this new platform.

So we’ve decided to do that: instead of the MetaDEx being released on the legacy platform, on that day, we will present Master Core’s first official beta release, with testnet support. Happy Birthday, Masterminds!

tl;dr: coding it twice is silly, and doing it right takes a little bit more time. Master Core is the right way to get it done. (Master Core beta, followed by the MetaDEx is going to impress you.)

Current Master Core beta deliverable: August 1st.
Current MetaDEx deliverable: soon thereafter.

Master Core beta on August 1st

Masterchain Wallet – First Beta Release

Announcement from the Masterchain Wallet team:
The first Beta version of our wallet is released. This version includes the following features (delta from alpha):
  • Possibility to add addresses directly to the wallet
  • Possibility to add addresses by entering only private key (address is calculated automatically on the client side in javascript)
  • Sort the addresses in the wallet based on currency / sum
  • Verification that entered private keys match the addresses
  • Full integration of the dEX sell form with the wallet (load addresses from wallet, auto fill masked private key using password)
  • Bug fixes
  • Tested on all popular tablets and smart phones
The excellent videos of MasterProtocol Edu, for example: are more technical and detailed.
Thank you,
Masterchain Wallet Team
Masterchain Wallet – First Beta Release

Introducing Omniwallet (pre-alpha, developers wanted!)

Hello everyone,

You might have seen the variety of wallets coming out at (if you not – go check them out!). Today I’d like to introduce another exciting project we’ve been working on – the Omniwallet.


The Omniwallet will be a new type of web wallet that combines security, usability and multi-currency support. Continue reading “Introducing Omniwallet (pre-alpha, developers wanted!)”

Introducing Omniwallet (pre-alpha, developers wanted!)

Hello, Mastercoin World


News for the week 42.2013.

We would like to welcome you to the first issue of the Mastercoin blog.

Each week, right here, rather than having to wade through hundreds of forum posts you will find a summary of the most relevant developments related to Mastercoin.  The focus of the blog initially will be on summarizing project developments, service announcements, exchange market updates, and Mastercoin Foundation financials and developments.  If you have any important news scroll down to the form at the bottom and let us know about what you are working on.

The first two weeks of October brought us some exciting news with more code releases coming out for the $25,000 Code Contest and the final awards going to four developers.  Check the repositories out on GitHub, install them and test them so our community of developers can get your feedback and thoughts!

We also have a proposal for a voting mechanism for changes to Mastercoin, a fund ledger is now tracking expenses, we have an opening for a Communications Officer.  The current BID price for MSC is 0.02 BTC.

$25k Code Contest Complete!

On October 15, 2013 the final awards were announced on for the contest participants.  The winners will share in a prize of 180 BTC. Click on each name to take you to a list of each of their contributions.

Tachikoma: 48% Grazcoin: 26% Zathras: 24% Bitoy: 2%

A big congratulations to everyone who participated!

Repo Updates & Announcements

  • Zathras announces the alpha release of Masterchest Engine on GitHub – new functionality in this release enables the scanning of the Bitcoin blockchain to check for MSC transactions, the validation of transactions, and the updating of balances for MSC addresses. Check out a live instance at

Market Update


BID MSC 500 * 0.0300 BTC || ASK MSC 270 MSC * 0.0200 BTC

Note that trading is manual at this time, therefore bids may be higher then some asks. Market depth is available at Maxmint’s Google Doc: Mastercoin Order Book

Protocol & Proposals

Proposal: Voting

Join the discussion about formalizing a distributed voting mechanism for changes in the Mastercoin protocol.

Protocol 1.1

Last month, J.R. Willet published the latest update to the Mastercoin protocol which includes a new section on Smart Property, improvements for easier parsing and better escrow fund health.

Mastercoin Foundation Financials

A Google Drive ledger of expenses, Mastercoin Fund Ledger, has been created.

Current Balance: 4549.5710979 BTC

Job Openings

Mastercoin is seeking a Communications Officer, see details on the thread.

Have something exciting to talk about?

Use this form to tell us what you are working on related to Mastercoin. We will include it in the next weekly update.

Hello, Mastercoin World