Use-case of Master Protocol- DApps

To those heavily involved in the community the use cases of Mastercoin outlined in the whitepaper goes without saying.

Savings accounts, CFD and other smart contracts, the ability to digitize tangible and real assets…

I really want to point our attention to and emphasize the use case of using tokens that give access to software in the model of the “Decentralized Application”.

The Decentralized Application model addresses a few problems that have been historically relevant to entrepreneurship: early access to liquidity, monetization of open source, finding the best talent to build the product, capturing early adopters.

In my AMA today I’d like to focus on the merits of the model if any of these have been your concern in developing a value-generating service.

Please find me on Reddit, for my AMA for in depth discussion.

Use-case of Master Protocol- DApps

Sam Yilmaz – Board Member at the MSC Foundation- AMA


I’m exited to introduce myself to the MSC community and work with many of you in the near future.

Some of you will know me as the Executive Director of BitAngels. During my tenure there, I had the opportunity to meet fantastic entrepreneurs, invest in Bitcoin companies, as well as purchase MSC during the genesis period. Likewise, to help build out additional features and capacities to our crypto-world, I volunteered to become a board member of the Mastercoin Foundation.

As of May 2014, I have shifted my focus from the BitAngels group to the Decentralized Applications Fund and am now serving as the Managing Partner for the fund. I have the privilege of working with David Johnston and other visionaries in the space, as well as extremely gifted developers and entrepreneurs whose enthusiasm, passion and persistence are building the crypto-powered share economies of our future.

If you’re an entrepreneur or a developer and would like to have input on monetization, product vision, product roadmap of your decentralized application, or crowdsale best practices, I’d love to field any questions in my AMA , Wednesday Aug 13th, 2014, on Reddit. You can also email me at

I look forward to offering input on all the exciting decentralized projects this community is developing.

Sam Yilmaz

Sam Yilmaz – Board Member at the MSC Foundation- AMA