Hi folks,

Faiz here providing you with a weekly update. Most of this is old-hat but we’ll run down the major items in case anyone isn’t aware.

0.0.7 Tag

0.0.7 release for Mastercore has been put out in a tagged and binary form, you can get those below

Omniwallet migration

As Adam noted a new Omniwallet instance based on this new release has been spun up, if you can get a minute to create an account and exercise a few moments on the site to test it out, we would greatly appreciate that (currently in-development, balances and sends should work though). We appreciate all bug reports and pentesting results, if you have a moment to write a few sentences describing your issue. Development on this item continues

Mastercore Vagrant box

If you haven’t had a moment to test Mastercore, it’s fairly simple if you’re running Linux/Ubuntu using the binaries above, but in the case you’re not, head on over and try out our Vagrant box at the link below. What the Vagrant box allows for is quick and easy spin-up and tear-down of the Mastercore code. It was developed in-house by our team and tested by yours truly. Easily the fastest way to have a running Mastercore node to test or deploy if you are using Windows or Mac OSX.

Crowdsourced testing of 0.0.7 tag

We’re working on test plans behind the scenes to rigorously analyze and identify potential faults and corner-cases for the Mastercore 0.0.7 codebase. This includes whitebox and blackbox testing, fuzzing of inputs, and unit testing. If you’d like to give feedback the link below, we’re calling it the “Crowdsourced Testing” approach.


A few notes about consensus… Within mastercoin-tools/Omniwallet a regression was found and fixed last week that incorrectly interpreted the buyer’s fee when parsing a buyer’s Distributed Exchange Accept. That fix is live and details/code can be found here.

I’m also collecting feedback on the future of Mastercore’s Metadex RPC layer. If you have any relevant feedback, are a trader, or wish to see some functionality in the RPC, please do comment and explain your motivations in the document below.

Thanks again for another exciting week, look forward to hearing back from our readers and audience.

Have a great weekend!

Faiz – Mastercoin Developer – AMA!

Greetings Masterminds,

My name is Faiz, and I am one of the developers on the Mastercoin Project. For the next 24 hours I’ll be hosting an AMA on the r/Mastercoin subreddit where anyone can ask me questions about integrating the project software, general high-level software discussion, and any technical concerns you all might have had. Come drop by!

my AMA, Saturday, August 23th

A developer on the Mastercoin project has many responsibilities; it is our responsibility to maintain application up-time, ensure stability in the software we release, prevent catastrophic failure across/on any of our supported platforms, and deliver a visionary product on a timely schedule.

I work with several other developers in concert, and will field questions to them as necessary to get the answers you need. Appropriate questions include: “How do I run this thing?” “When will you support feature X?” “What’s the best way to accomplish task Y?” and “Does it Z?”.

If you’ve got technical input, ideas on where to take the code, or are just seeking more information, drop me a line at the AMA today or faiz@mastercoin.org

See you there!

Faiz – Mastercoin Developer – AMA!

Beta release of Mastercore (0.0.6)

Greetings Masterminds,

We’d like to announce a new (Beta) release of Mastercore, 0.0.6. This marks the first stable release to the public, and an open invitation to test our core featureset with a familiar API to anyone who has used Bitcoin or is familiar with the Core API.

With this release we offer the following features considered complete as well as documentation on the usage of those features for the Ubuntu Linux, bringing with this release the title of official reference implementation of the Master Protocol.

We welcome input from the community as you begin to work with the release.

Note: This release is Linux-only while the UI undergoes heavy-development. Currently the MetaDex is paired with the UI as the next milestone release for MasterCore. Please keep this in mind while beta-testing; if you need help setting up an Ubuntu instance, we recommend Digitalocean or AWS as great cloud hosting providers for Ubuntu Linux instances.

Please provide any feedback to the Mastercore development team as we work
toward providing you with a more stable and useful tool for conducting business on the next-gen Bitcoin ecosystem.

Jump to Beta download

Read our API documentation

Report an issue on the forum


Beta release of Mastercore (0.0.6)

Mastercoin on TestNet

Testing is a hugely interesting topic for some, mainly developers, looking to develop some intuition about how a particular piece of software works to integrate into their use case. It is very helpful, therefore, that Bitcoin provides access to a ‘Testnet’ for the transmission and spending of transactions in a sandbox where Bitcoin Testcoins have no real value.

As this is hugely beneficial for normal Bitcoin developers, we at Mastercoin also realized the huge benefit for the developer community if we were able to send TestNet transactions in Mastercoin, which would reduce the cost to develop on our infrastructure.

Without further ado:

A guide to running TestNet for Mastercoin (A primer):

  • Download and build the latest hash/tag of MasterCore from Github here.
  • Run MasterCore in Testnet from the command-line, `./bitcoind -txindex -testnet`and allow it to sync to the furthest block (at time of writing, this is 262068). Command line output might result [2]
  • Check if you have any Bitcoin Testnet addresses with ‘./bitcoind listaccounts’and then ‘./bitcoind getaccountaddress’. You can also generate a TestNetaddress using vanitygen (https://github.com/samr7/vanitygen). Testnet addresses start with an ‘m’, usually. Take note of this address.
  •  Request some Testnet coins from the TestNet Faucet (https://tpfaucet.appspot.com/ – Please do not abuse!)
  •  Add a file to ~/.bitcoin/testnet3/ called ‘mastercoin_balances.txt’.In this file enter your address, followed by your desired MSC amount, followed by a 0 [0]

You can send some MSC now using the following command (full list of commands are obtained using ‘./bitcoind help’):

`./bitcoind send_MP (your address) (their address) (amount-in-floating-point)`[1]

And that’s the quickstart guide for TestNet. There are numerous other commands suffixed with ‘_MP’ in the output of `bitcoind help`, feel free to test those out. Report bugs and difficulties to the repository directly if you locate any, and questions can be asked of the devs through either Github Issues, the mailing list, or directly through email.

[0] For example, the file contents would look like:

[1] Example of successful send on TestNet


[2] Example of debug output


Mastercoin on TestNet

PGP, encryption and Mastercoin

We at the Mastercoin Foundation take pride in our privacy and security,
and would like to make the following announcement regarding use of PGP
within the organization. Looking forward, our team will use PGP to sign
and verify commits in all our upstream repositories, and these dev blog
posts will be verified with a signature every time. This ensures consistency
and security, to know the folks behind the product, and to understand
the implications of downloading and executing our code.

Web of Trust
Our web of trust is based on a secure network of face-to-face confirmations
and keysignings. Currently, our web of trust is as follows:

Trusted Leadership:
– – – – – Ron Gross, Executive Director (28277264)
– – – – – J.R Chief Architect (8D5F5A9A)
– – – – – Craig Sellars, CTO (1F00C8D6)

Trusted Developers:
– – – – – Zathras, Core Developer (BE91B32B)
– – – – – Michael, Core Developer (612F1CEF)
– – – – – Shannon Code, Head of Security (65C309B9)
– – – – – Marv Schneider, Product Manager (9BF81EFD)
– – – – – Nevtep, Developer (6D463F34)
– – – – – Bart Wyatt, Developer (A12BB6C8)
– – – – – Adam Chamely, Omniwallet Lead (83A266F3)
– – – – – Sean Gilligan, Developer (6E4EE875)
– – – – – Faiz Khan, Developer (8C399E1F)

Commit Rights
We have a highly trusted network of developers who merge code, accompanied
by an untrusted network of external developers who submit pull requests to
be reviewed by the trusted parties. This process is managed by “merge leaders”
who lead the feature direction and development discussion. The developers
take lead from these leaders and follow suit committing code that suits
the current milestones.

This state will likely never change as we transition forward into a model
of continuous integration (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Continuous_Integration).
The Omniwallet and Master Core teams look forward, as always, to lead
these security efforts. Our merge and scrum leaders are Adam, Marv,
Zathras, Sean and Michael.

Shouts to Adam, DexX, Craig, Ron and anonymous others for assisting in the
editing of this post.

“Pleasure. Life is pleasure expressed.”
        – Ron Gross

Full, PGP signed article linked here

PGP, encryption and Mastercoin