Activation of trading any token on the distributed exchange

Dear Omni Layer users,

Beginning with Bitcoin block 627250, which is expected to be on or about 23rd April, 2020, a new version of the distributed exchange on the Omni Layer protocol goes live.

After the activation, it will be possible to trade any token for bitcoins, e. g. Omni, MaidSafeCoin, USD₮ or Agoras without any third party involved.

Omni Core 0.8.0+ users can use the new feature as soon as it is available and Omni Wallet users not in restricted jurisdictions will have access shortly thereafter through

In order to take advantage of the new transaction processing improvements, please upgrade to Omni Core 0.8.1 … Please see:

To avoid any consensus divergences, for example when a user with an old version considers a transaction as valid, while it is actually invalid under new rules, Omni Core versions lower than 0.8.0 will go into a fail-safe state after the activation and will no longer be started without falling out of consensus with the network.

Activation of trading any token on the distributed exchange