State of the Layer: May 2 2019


Earlier last week we identified an edgecase issue in Omni Core which affected the client during startup. To recap from our tweet, when a client started it will fail to validate the cached freeze status and force the client to shutdown. The workaround was to start the client with `-startclean` which removed the cached files and forced a re-parse of the existing data, the downside is that this could be a very slow process.

We are happy to say the fix for this has been tested and will be included in the next release of Omni Core, v0.5.0, which is going through it’s final QA checks for publication shortly. A separate announcement post will follow with the details of the release when ready.

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Project Updates

OmniExplorer & OmniAPI

Development continues on performance and functionality improvements.


Patched an issue in the wallet import function that could allow a user to import a manually modified wallet backup with a mismatched address/private key pair incorrectly.

Omni Core

Finalizing testing and release for version 0.5.0.


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State of the Layer: May 2 2019