State of the Layer: July 12 2018


We recently release an intro guide for Integrating Omni Core to receive payments.  This was in response to community messages over an exchange that had unfortunately integrated and implemented the client without taking into account the full details of a transactions validity before processing it on their platform. Over the next few weeks we will be working on a more indepth version of this guide which will be usable by any integrator wishing to add support for the Omni Protocol. It will also be encouraged for  project developers to reference this guide when having their project added to new exchanges/platforms.

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Project Updates


The next UI update for OmniExplorer is now live. This brings additional usability updates and tweaks to data presentation/interaction. More uniform layout between pages with similar data and of note added support for active crowdsales information.


Released in the past few days we now have the initial API documentation  published and available.  As new calls are added/tested they will be published/updated as well.


Maintenance updates to the code and some cleanup/removal of older deprecated calls. Updated readme to more accurately document setup procedures.


All backend updates and changes have been updated and incorporated into the project. Additionally we’ve pushed a few bug fixes and optimizations to the parsing engine


Version 0.3.1 is going through some final testing. Eager early adopters can pull the develop branch from the github repo to test out the pending updates. We welcome testing feedback in the repo as well. This upcoming release will include some rpc interface bug fixes and some new rpc calls aimed at trying to simplify some of the integration paths/use cases of the client. Full details will be available upon final release.



State of the Layer: All Hands – June 14 2018

State of the Layer: July 12 2018