State of the Layer: All Hands – Feb 06 2018

Community Updates

Rather quiet week as most team members have their head down focusing on projects.

Public Service Announcement: We do want to take a moment to remind the community to please double check all transactions before you send them. We’ve been seeing an increase in users who are unfortunately sending their Omni Assets (like Maidsafe and Tether)  to deposit addresses on platforms that do no support that particular Omni Protocol asset. While we try our best to help these users recover their funds there is ultimately little we can do. The Omni Foundation/Omniwallet/Omniexplorer do not have any control over addresses that are created by other platforms/services.

Please ensure when sending an Omni Asset the destination address you are sending your assets to specifically supports what you want to send.

Project Updates

Omni Protocol

Dexx has started work on a plan to optimize transaction payloads with the goal being to reduce overall transactions costs. The first of a few different ideas we are looking into for this year.


Work on layout and base components continues.


As previously stated we are currently looking for additional c++ developers familiar with bitcoin technology who would like to participate in and contribute to the project.  Any interested applicants can contact


Small bug that could affect some armory offline transaction creations has been patched.


Initial api service is running. Streamlining, optimizing and legacy OE route integration work underway.


Looking for an easy way to track many of your Omni Assets? One of our members, Sean, has been working on a project for just this dubbed OmniPortfolio: . At the moment there are clients for windows/osx/linux but an android port is underway.

State of the Layer: All Hands – Jan 30 2017

State of the Layer: All Hands – Feb 06 2018