State of the Layer: All Hands – Jan 30 2018

Community Updates

Last week we held our first AMA of 2018, Some highlights from the AMA include; What gives value to OMNI, Who are the devs, and Omni projects/structure/expansion. The full AMA discussion can be seen on reddit here.

For those who were at the d10e cayman islands conference we hope you had a chance to check out the UIT speech given by Craig. We heard it got a fantastic response from the crowd and he’s been having a hard time keeping up with the request for discussion from investors and advisors on new ico’s. He’s also been working on discussion with exchanges for enhancements to Omni and omni carried assets, including potential new relationships with other blockchains for omni integrations.

Project Updates


As previously mentioned is slated for a relaunch in the coming weeks. We are currently working on a redesigned site that pulls from the existing OmniExplorer styling (to maintain familiarity) while also trying to incorporate some updates. We have decided to use the React Stack (React, React Router, Redux, Redux Saga) with Unit Testing (Jest, Enzyme), and Lint (ESLint) for the base. Our new UI lead Germán is currently working on the new App Layouts.


As the first step in getting ready for the next release Dexx has been working to clean up and clear out some old pull requests. Usable branches/code from previous developers will be maintained and pulled to new branches for any continued development.  As previously stated we are currently looking for additional c++ developers familiar with bitcoin technology who would like to participate in and contribute to the project.  Any interested applicants can contact


Omniwallet continues with normal operation.


Adam has been working on our new API service which will be taking the current api stacks from Omniwallet and Omniexplorer and combining them into one central usable service. At present we have spun up the existing Omniwallet api approx 85% and are working to incorporate the OE routes for a seamless transition.


State of the Layer: All Hands – Dec 23 2017

State of the Layer: All Hands – Jan 30 2018