Omniwallet Updates, OmniDex Trading Interface Launched


Just in time for the Holidays Omniwallet is pleased to present several updates, overhauls and the OmniDex. The OmniDex interface ties in with the recently activated functionality on the Omni Protocol and now allows a completely decentralized interface for users to Trade Any Omni Issued Asset for any other Omni Issued Asset.

User Offers are automatically matched against any existing open offer at the corresponding rate. Additionally, if you don’t see an offer for a pair you want to sell/buy you can open the new market just as easily by placing the first offer for that pair.

Getting started is as simple as navigating to the ‘Exchange’->’OmniDex’ tab in the interface: 1-overview

From there you’ll be presented with the option to choose your preferred ‘Market Currency’ and then the existing Markets with open offers will be displayed. A full Getting Started Guide has been added to the knowledge base/wiki.

Additional updates and changes include fee estimation, simplified fee configuration, updated and improved websocket library/feeds, auto websocket reconnection and resubscription (No more stale data when something restarts), improved balance feeds, and misc some bug fixes.

So get out there and start placing your Offers!

Omniwallet Updates, OmniDex Trading Interface Launched