State of the Layer: All Hands – July 05 2016

  • Adam
    1. Omniwallet
      1. Continuing to handle support
      2. Working on user feedback from rebrand
    2. OmniEngine
      1. Will get OmniCore 11 rc-1 running this week
  • Antony
    1. Omni Stack Exchange proposal
  • Patrick
    1. Interview with Alex Fortin to support upcoming releases
    2. Made a lot on progress on Futures Arb, trading between fixed ratio levels, next steps optimize and graph
    3. Website, legal almost done for PARK
  • dexx
    1. Added script to create “change issuer” transactions from P2SH addresses
    2. Further discussed STO v1 with Z and merged the updated version with 0.0001 Omni fee
    3. Looked into “bytes per sigops” limit, causing some Class B transactions to be non-standard
  • Zathras
    1. Continued work on prototyping BTC crowdsales, new “Bitcoin Payment” transaction
    2. Finalized changes to STOv1 ready for merge
    3. Discussed bytes/sigops with dexX, looking at potential options
    4. Supporting integration – note fees on current 0.0.10 defaults can be extremely high
    5. Clarification sought on release, are we going to:
      1. Deal with sigops issue before rc2?
      2. Wait a couple of days for block 420,000 so we can include seedblocks/consensus hash?
      3. Change default txconfirmtarget on rc2?
  • Sean
    1. Released bitcoinj-addons v0.1.2
    2. OmniJ
      1. Fixed logging Issue #127
      2. Readying release 0.4
      3. Release numbering scheme change
        1. 0.5 milestone renamed to 0.6
        2. Even releases will be more stable, odd releases development
        3. When 0.5.x is stable/complete it will be bumped to 0.6.0
    3. OmniPortfolio refactoring complete, release 0.1.1 coming soon.
  • Greg
    1. Continued work on refactoring and performance testing on Bitcoin support in OmniPortfolio.
  • Judith
      1. Ongoing communication with projects
    1. Preparing for Hackathon
    2. Block Halving party – Hackathon
State of the Layer: All Hands – July 05 2016