Omniwallet Redesign Launched

A long time ago on a server far, far away….


Omni Developers, aided by the design stylings of Kryptokit, have been working on an overhauled UI for Omniwallet. It has been a long time in the making but we are pleased to finally present the completed and redesigned Omniwallet.

With this redesign comes a very large refactor of the underlying code base to help make maintaining and adding additional features a bit easier going forward. This also brings with it a many bug fixes and a more usable mobile interface.

Of note, we now have a cleaner and easier to read complete asset lists for the Omni Protocol as well as links to an ever growing knowledge base and faq to answer common questions. We’ve also completed the Mastercoin -> Omni rebrand.  So all your Mastercoins and Test Mastercoins will now be visible/named Omni and Test Omni in the wallet.

So give it a spin, give it a whirl. Let us know, how’s the show.

Omniwallet Redesign Launched