Omni Core 0.0.10 Release Candidate

Hello fellow Omni users!

As you may be aware we’re currently gearing up to release version 0.0.10 of Omni Core.  As part of this process we’re publishing a release candidate preview build and asking you guys to let us know what you think.

This is an exciting time for the team and means finally putting to release an enormous amount of effort from an incredibly devoted group of contributors – people I am truly proud to work with.

Omni Core has always been built on top of Bitcoin Core (it’s a great foundation for us to build upon for which we’re eternally grateful to the bitcoin developers!).  As of this release, we have added over 16,000 (yes thousand!) lines of new code to the base Bitcoin stack to deliver the Omni reference client, with over 1,100 commits on the 0.0.10 update alone.

What does this mean?  Well, in simple terms it means new stuff.  New capabilities such as on-chain feature activation and class C (fully prunable) transactions, new features such as distributed token exchange and a new API, new transaction support (eg “send all”), new consensus systems, new parsing code, new bugfixes, new debugging capabilties, new – well… please feel free to check out the release notes for all the gory details (

What this also means is that for us to feel confident the code is up to scratch and stable for our partners, users and integrators we need to test.  We’re making available a release candidate of Omni Core 0.0.10 so you can help us move that process along by testing the release candidate builds and letting us know about any problems you may encounter.  The links for the release candidate builds are below – please do let us know about any problems you encounter here ( or if you would prefer not to sign in/up with GitHub you can email to submit your thoughts, we are extremely appreciative for any and all feedback.


Downloads for Windows 32-bit:

Downloads for Windows 64-bit:

Downloads for OS X:

Downloads for Linux 32-bit:

Downloads for Linux 64-bit:

Omni Core 0.0.10 Release Candidate