State of the Layer: All Hands – March 24 2015

Every Tuesday we have an internal All Hands meeting where developers and contributors on the project get together and provide updates on the previous week’s happenings and discuss the upcoming agenda. Most of what is happening has been behind the scenes recently, helping integrators and performing thorough testing, while new features and enhancements continue to be added to the platform. To keep the community informed of our progress and up to date here is the summary agenda from this weeks meeting.

  •  David
    1. A new Baby!!! Congratulations from the team!
  • Craig
    1. Synereo Crowdsale has begun!
    2. Moving Repos from mastercoin-MSC to OmniLayer
      1. cloning from Bitcoin
    3. Omni Product Roadmap (status needed for each)
      1. OP_RETURN/Class C transactions
      2. Bitcoin 0.10 Blockchain
      3. Additional/missing RPC calls
        1. including DEx II RPC
        2. multi-packet support
        3. raw TX support
      4. Desktop DEx II UI, 2nd version UI
      5. Omni Wallet UI refresh
      6. Factom Address Anchoring
      7. Futures and prediction market Spec work
  • Adam
    1. Omniwallet UI updates with Tomas
    2. Handling Email User support for omniwallet
    3. Working on github repo migration needs with team
  • Marv
    1. API Network – metering/billing/payment flow
  • Sean
    1. OmniJ transaction creation in process
    2. In Austin on Thursday – Tuesday
  • Zathras
    1. Work towards reapplying the UI to the new 0.0.10 branch progressing strongly – large task (since QT was changed a lot for the Bitcoin 0.10 release) and making good progress
  • Patrick
    1. Video in editing (new Omniwallet version w/ correct logo pref.)
    2. Recruiting extra help for futures
    3. HFT engine live, mapping Omni RPC
  • Tomás
    1. Got exchange to display in omni
    2. Sell and overview pages working
    3. Working on buy 80% done, needs some debugging
    4. Pending:
      1. My Offers
      2. Modals
      3. About Section
State of the Layer: All Hands – March 24 2015