Omni Development Roadmap

This has been a busy few months, with the team’s efforts dedicated to enhancements to the platform and assisting in Omni integrations with partners and other interesting projects.

The most recent release of Omni Wallet Desktop for Windows capped off a strong development cycle, adding Send-to-Owners capability and a QT user interface (for 64-bit Windows and Linux. Mac OS X build forthcoming).

Our forward looking roadmap, as discussed and agreed upon with the team during our most recent all-hands, is as follows:

1. Continue top priority of stability/reliability above all else.
2. The move to Class C (80-Byte OP_RETURN) for most transactions.
3. Bitcoin Core 0.10 headers-first blockchain compatibility
4. Technical debt (multi-packet transactions, useful RPC commands not yet implemented, etc.)
5. Decentralized Exchange phase II RPC (trade between Omni assets and MSC)
6. Decentralized Exchange phase II UI
7. redesign launch
8. Address anchoring for metadata
9. Futures market DEx extension
10. Spec and Documentation improvements

Leveraging Sean’s automated testing suites, the release was the most thoroughly tested yet. The team believes strongly that stability and reliability should remain our highest priority.

Zathras has completed a good portion of the Class C transaction work, and is currently refactoring the Class B code for the few cases where Class B transactions will be required (as they won’t fit into 80 bytes).

DexX has made substantial progress on a Bitcoin Core 0.10-based branch of Omni Core.

Technical debt includes the ability for Omni Core to broadcast multi-packet transactions, output raw transactions, include RPC commands for supported and active features such as dynamic asset issuance and the decentralized exchange, high-decimal precision improvements, etc.

Michael’s work on phase II of the decentralized exchange is mostly complete, and Marv and Sean are preparing the test plans as the matching engine logic is finalized.

Thanks to Adam, Tomás and Warren, will be getting its new skin (currently at, dramatically improving user experience.

Working with Paul Snow, the Omni Layer will gain an “address anchoring” method, used by Factom, for ensuring the validity of eligible “publishers” of data on the blockchain.

Patrick and Dave have been working on an innovative futures market extension to the decentralized exchange, allowing advanced market features for Omni assets.

Through all of this, the team is assisting with around two integrations per week, and meeting with 8-12 additional projects, each at various stages, all coordinated by Judith.

We invite the community to provide feedback, to contribute to the development of new features, and to keep innovating on the Omni Layer. The team continues to move the platform forward, with the assistance of some amazing integration partners helping to create the future of finance.

It keeps getting better, and I’m still humbled by the capacity and talent of this team.  Keep up the great work!


Omni Development Roadmap