Omni in the Alps

Community Members,

I’m happy to report that I’m back from representing the Omni community at the Paris Bitcoin conference.

While over in Europe I hopped onto a train eastward and made my way to the land of Zug. For those unfamiliar Zug is a Canton and city in Switzerland just about 20 minutes south (by train) of Zurich the financial hub of the country.


My purpose there was to open a Omni Foundation office in Europe and also incorporate the new Omni Foundation entity in one of the world’s most crypto friendly places. In fact the Omni Foundation is using the same law firm and this is the same jurisdiction that Ethereum, Monetas, Hermes and many other blockchain related projects have chosen as their home.

By choosing the same location we gain a great deal of network effect benefits. Chief among these benefits is that these fellow projects have smoothed the way, by educating local counsel, local government, about the opportunities of the blockchain technology world. As a result the cost and time required to properly incorporateĀ  and comply with local legal and regulatory hurtles is much reduced.

This is a big step in the “The Great Transition” I described in my previous post about moving from the old MSC Foundation to the new community / member driven Omni Foundation.

In the coming week you will notice more and more of the websites, social channels, Github repositories for the community switching over to the new Omni name and terminology. Omni Protocol, Omni Core, Omni Wallet, and Omni Foundation. In addition we will be opening the membership application to the Omni Foundation at the same time we launch the new website.

Thanks for being involved in this effort to extend the blockchain in a whole world of new ways.

Best Regards,

David A. Johnston

Omni Foundation

Omni in the Alps