Omniwallet Milestone v0.23


This Milestone marks the completion of the previously mentioned code refactoring project which has been underway for the past few weeks. This allows the team to resume development on a much cleaner code base which will make global wallet interactions simpler for new features and enhancements.

Testing on Phase two of the DEx has been underway by the development team for the past few weeks. We are just about ready for additional testers to start trying out the system. If you haven’t already, take a moment and get yourself setup with a wallet on testnet, then get some test BTC from a faucet. Once you have your test BTC send some to the moneyman (moneyqMan7uh8FqdCA2BV5yZ8qVrc9ikLP) to get some testnet MSC/TMSC.


New Feature Highlight

One of the new features we’d like to highlight this Milestone is the addition of QR Codes for wallet addresses. Available now from the ‘My Address’ page simply click on an address to show/hide its corresponding QR code.


Milestone Summary (See the full list of details on Github):

  • QR Codes for Wallet Addresses (just click the address)
  • Completion of Code Refactor
  • Updated FAQ
  • UI/UX updates
  • Rapid deployment of updated code
  • Crowd-sourced Security Testing
  • Continuing integration of Master Core features
On the Horizon:
  • Wallet ID recovery by Email
  • Support for currency localization
  • DEx Phase II
  • Additional SP token values in fiat

Take a look and let us know what you think, we’re always happy for user feedback.

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Omniwallet Milestone v0.23