Highlighting some great projects built on the Omni/Master Platform

By Judith Jakubovics – BizDev at the Mastercoin Foundation

Dear Masterminds,

Another exciting week for Omni/Master Protocol – full of innovative ideas, community collaboration and much more.

There are so many new innovative projects, and I would like to highlight some of them.

I would  love to highlight all of them, but there are projects in the pipe that are not ready to be revealed in public yet.

(A) – Projects that already launched on Omni/Master Protocol:

a) Maidsafe – Date of launch – April 2014

Maidsafe aims to create no less than a fully peer-to-peer and decentralised Internet platform, in which all data is ‘shredded’, encrypted and distributed to an extensive network of computers around the world. MaidSafe consists of two key parts: the network and the client applications. Safecoin is the currency of the SAFE network and a mechanism to incentivise and reward end users and developers as well as provide access to network services.

http://maidsafe.net/      and  http://maidsafe.net/safecoin

b) ApiNetworks – Date of launch – June 2014

The API Network provides the solution to create a fully decentralized and tokenized API network.This platform will allow API providers and users to meet in a fully open sourced platform, using the lessons learned from Bitcoin.

The goal of API Network is to take all the APIs out in the world,and provide a universal mechanism for querying them.

APICoin (XAP) will provide a transparent and distributed way to compensate developers and service providers for their effort with the coin XAP.

API Network is actually the solution to create a fully decentralized and tokenized API network platform that will allow API providers and users to meet in a fully open sourced platform, using the lessons learned from Bitcoin.

http://www.apinetwork.co/  and  http://www.buyxap.com/

c) GenerCoin – Date of launch – June 2014

GENERcoin is the Green ENERgy Asset Backed Coin that is backed by Arterran Renewables innovative solid bio fuel made from sustainable non food sources, such as manure, and municipal solid waste that is a direct replacement to coal. Coal contributes 40% of green house gas emissions in the US alone(source US EPA). Each GEC is a receipt and claim for the bio fuel that backs each coin.

www.genercoin.org  and www.arterranrenewables.com

d) CryptoNext – Date of launch – July 2014

CryptoNext plc is an Isle of Man company that offers digital currency products starting with a multi-currency, multi-lingual exchange platform and extending to merchant and remittance services.  It is the first company to launch an exchange offering multiple Fiat and multiple digital currencies, via a platform which is available in several languages.

www.cryptonext.net and  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GG97mJ-Y_ac&feature=youtu.be

e) CoinProz – Date of launch – August 2014

CoinProz is utilizing a new method of valuing their token called Proof of Action: By distributing much of their coin offering to users who participate in their crypto based social network they are encouraging a strong interactive community.


f) Spacelite – Date of launch – Sept 2014

Spacelite project – Life Science R&D

SLC- Spacelite  is an asset backed token, each SLC is backed by 100 grams of SpaceLite, a highly medicinal potassium-oxygen based alkaline electrolyte mineral for human consumption.

http://www.spacelite.info  and  http://www.armedforces-int.com/suppliers/spacelite-military-operation-training-supplement.html

g) SovereignCoin – Date of launch – Oct 2014

The mission of SovereignCoin is to harness the purchasing power of physical silver, to energize and mobilize this tremendous resource, by anchoring to it a trading unit called a Sovereign. A Sovereign is a digital representation of one gram of silver utilized by SovereignCoin holders to record and reconcile value. No longer need the purchasing power of silver be trapped away inside one’s vault.


h) Tether – Date of launch –  Nov 2014

Tether is a next-generation financial platform making it possible to safely and instantly send and receive Dollars, Euros, Yen, anywhere in the world using the Bitcoin blockchain.

You deposit your preferred currency (Dollars, Euros, Yen) or bitcoin onto our platform, and we issue you Tether+, which are digital tokens that allow you to make transactions using the Bitcoin blockchain.


(B) – Projects that will  soon launch on Omni/Master Protocol:

a) Factom

Simple yet critical technology on Master Protocol

The goal of the project is to build a protocol stack, beginning with a proof of existence layer, and ending with a layer providing proof of process.  All of which is secured with the Bitcoin block chain, without adding a significant number of transactions to the Bitcoin block chain, nor requiring any changes to the Bitcoin protocol.

With clever use of cryptography Factom  will limit the size of the blockchain without losing any of the information it contains.


b) Hope Gold Coin and The Festival of Hope

The Festival of Hope is the largest live music and charity event in history.

Hope Gold Coin is the overall sponsor of the festival of hope.

Hope Gold Coin is the means of purchase to support charitable activities around the world.

The HOPE Gold Coin Charitable Trust is a charitable trust under UK law expressly established to undertake the development, production, sale and management of the HOPE Gold Coin as well as ensure that all proceeds earned from the sale of HOPE Gold Coins will be used for charitable causes and activities.

  • Genuinely and completely altruistic.  
  • Proceeds earned from the sale of each and every HOPE Gold Coin will be used by HOPE Gold Coin Charitable Trust to benefit philanthropic and charitable causes, projects and activities worldwide
  •  http://test.hopegoldcoin.org

http://test.hopegoldcoin.org  and  http://www.thefestivalofhope.org/


c) Merchantcoin

MerchantCoin is the first self sustaining, marketing centric crypto-currency that incentivizes consumers, advocates and businesses to acquire and use bitcoin.The MerchantCoin solution provides a Faster, Cheaper, Easier and Smarter method for merchants to transact business within its ecosystem. The mWallet enables each merchant to accept bitcoin, but also to sell Bitcoin and many other alt-coins. TheMerchantCoin solution provides every merchant an onramp to the digital currency marketplace.


d) La’Zooz

Transportation and traffic jams are basic parts of our modern lives.

These are exactly the issues that the La’Zooz team are dealing with. It will save our precious time and money, will reduce global pollution, will require less investment in infrastructures and much more…

La’Zooz is creating a Decentralized Transportation web that will not only be run by the community, but it will be owned by the community. “Fair share” and “fair fare” were two of the basic values that led La`Zooz team in its creation process.

La`Zooz is using the bitcoin 2.0 technology in order to distribute abundance to as many contributors that will come and by that La’Zooz is opening the floodgates for developers designers and users.

La`Zooz will move its “Proof of movement” mining Android App into Beta stage.It  will enable people who believe in ride sharing and other smart transportation solutions to change the way transportation on planet earth looks like.


e) BitLov

Bitlov is a digital currency automation platform that utilizes a predominately trustless network of decentralized, distributed autonomous agents called Rubrics

Bitlov is a digital currency automation platform that utilizes a predominately trustless network of decentralized, distributed autonomous agents called Rubrics. Bitlov empowers individuals and organizations to determine where money goes and when by simplifying the process of setting rules within contract templates, to write simple-to-complex transaction routines based upon various factors, such as: budget, pre-defined triggers, formulas, times, recipients, and more.

Website under constructon.

See the blog: http://blog.mastercoin.org/2014/10/19/introducing-bitlov-a-new-project-integrated-with-mastercoin/


Remitance dollar coin for the Kerala state of India

Using the Master Protocol, RymCoins will be created from “Information Matrix Console (IM)”, where fiat currency, big data, user personal, professional, consumable and business information’s are captured; and purchasing power parity logic is applied for additional coin creation in the time of fiat currency conversion into crypto currency.


g) The Delta IDCoin

The Delta Business Management and the crypto space.

In this project, the Delta Business Management  wants to embed unique id’s into the tokens to make a strong binding to a deed / contract.

Once it will launch, the intention is to scale the business and branch into other forms of assets and property in particular residential markets and capital held in properties. The aim being that asset is more interchangeable giving the owner more flexibility with their wealth.

Great things are happening to the Master Protocol

Point of contact for companies and organizations who want to issue a token (Judith Jakubovics) Judith (-at-) Mastercoin.org and on Skype: Judith.Jakubovics

Highlighting some great projects built on the Omni/Master Platform