Omniwallet Milestone v0.22

CodeLast time, on the Omniwallet Milestone update, we spoke about code refactoring and Phase two of the Distributed Exchange (DEx). We continue our story where our intrepid adventurers left off. The team has been battling with the evil code monkeys but have made decent headway. We are currently reviewing/testing the updated code to ensure it performs as expected. Once this review is complete it will be rolled into production and provide the new baseline for us to work with.

With Phase two of the DEx getting closer to release we’ve been working on updates for Omniwallet to ensure it’s ready for the new features. Our back-end parser, OmniEngine, is currently running the updated code on testnet which populate the database. We have also added some preliminary updates to the api which will be used by the new front-end updates. We should have some front end pages this week to start making a better display/interaction with the data/tx’s the devs have been throwing into testnet for the past few weeks. If you want to get an early jump on checking out these features head on over to the Testnet server. It’s constantly being updated/tweaked as we are developing these features. Just a reminder this server may contain very raw features/data which are not in their final form.

Starting in the next few weeks we’re going to need to hit the testnet server hard to make sure everything is operating as it should. So take a moment and get yourself setup with a wallet on testnet, then get some test BTC from a faucet. Once you have your test BTC send some to the moneyman (moneyqMan7uh8FqdCA2BV5yZ8qVrc9ikLP) to get some testnet MSC/TMSC. Keep an eye out for updates on when we’re ready for testing to start.

Milestone Summary (See the full list of details on Github):

  • OmniEngine update for DEx Phase 2 data parsing
  • OmniEngine additional Reorg protection updates
  • API updates for DEx Phase 2 data parsing
  • Updated server configurable items
  • UI/UX updates
  • Rapid deployment of updated code
  • Crowd-sourced Security Testing
  • Continuing integration of Master Core features
On the Horizon:
  • Wallet ID recovery by Email
  • Support for currency localization
  • DEx Phase II
  • Additional SP token values in fiat

Take a look and let us know what you think, we’re always happy for user feedback.

If you want to see how Omni is cleaning up the Trash come check us out.

Omniwallet Milestone v0.22