SovereignCoin – Silver Backed Coin- by Judith – BizDev at the Mastercoin Foundation

Dear Masterminds,

Last week I attended the Inside Bitcoin Conference in London.

I must say – WOW – Mastercoin was heard, mentioned and discussed all over.

I met many teams that already launched and those that are going to launch their projects on the Master Protocol soon, such as Lazooz, Factom- Notary Chains, MerchantCoins, Maidsafe, API Networks, etc.,

Mastercoin earned its popularity with hard team work, great leadership, huge  progress of the Master Protocol, ability to facilitate great innovative projects, providing  an almost  24/7 support – thank you Mastercoin team!

People I met at the conference knew a lot about Mastercoin and therefore, the discussions were mostly focused on finding ways to cooperate, partner and facilitate the Master Protocol.

Today, I would like to introduce you to  SovereignCoin

What is  SovereignCoin? –  SovereignCoin is a Silver Backed Coin

The mission of SovereignCoin is to harness the purchasing power of physical silver, to energize and mobilize this tremendous resource, by anchoring to it a trading unit called a Sovereign. A Sovereign is a digital representation of one gram of silver utilized by SovereignCoin holders to record and reconcile value. No longer need the purchasing power of silver be trapped away inside one’s vault.

A Sovereign from the SovereignExchange has already existed for many years but now with the advent of cryptocurrencies and Master Protocol SovereignCoin is about to be born to aid in the secure and seamless transaction of this digital representation of a gram of silver.

Every Sovereign is 100% secured by physical silver, allocated and insured with a private bullion depository. At any point, members may tender their Sovereigns with The Sovereign Exchange Treasury and take delivery of 99.9% pure investment-grade silver. Gold denominated Sovereigns are also available.
The website is still under construction, meanwhile, if you want to know more please visit:

Great things are happening to the Master Protocol

Point of contact for companies and organizations who want to issue a token

(Judith Jakubovics) Judith (-at-) and on Skype: Judith.Jakubovics

SovereignCoin – Silver Backed Coin- by Judith – BizDev at the Mastercoin Foundation