Hi folks,

Faiz here providing you with a weekly update. Most of this is old-hat but we’ll run down the major items in case anyone isn’t aware.

0.0.7 Tag

0.0.7 release for Mastercore has been put out in a tagged and binary form, you can get those below

Omniwallet migration

As Adam noted a new Omniwallet instance based on this new release has been spun up, if you can get a minute to create an account and exercise a few moments on the site to test it out, we would greatly appreciate that (currently in-development, balances and sends should work though). We appreciate all bug reports and pentesting results, if you have a moment to write a few sentences describing your issue. Development on this item continues

Mastercore Vagrant box

If you haven’t had a moment to test Mastercore, it’s fairly simple if you’re running Linux/Ubuntu using the binaries above, but in the case you’re not, head on over and try out our Vagrant box at the link below. What the Vagrant box allows for is quick and easy spin-up and tear-down of the Mastercore code. It was developed in-house by our team and tested by yours truly. Easily the fastest way to have a running Mastercore node to test or deploy if you are using Windows or Mac OSX.

Crowdsourced testing of 0.0.7 tag

We’re working on test plans behind the scenes to rigorously analyze and identify potential faults and corner-cases for the Mastercore 0.0.7 codebase. This includes whitebox and blackbox testing, fuzzing of inputs, and unit testing. If you’d like to give feedback the link below, we’re calling it the “Crowdsourced Testing” approach.


A few notes about consensus… Within mastercoin-tools/Omniwallet a regression was found and fixed last week that incorrectly interpreted the buyer’s fee when parsing a buyer’s Distributed Exchange Accept. That fix is live and details/code can be found here.

I’m also collecting feedback on the future of Mastercore’s Metadex RPC layer. If you have any relevant feedback, are a trader, or wish to see some functionality in the RPC, please do comment and explain your motivations in the document below.

Thanks again for another exciting week, look forward to hearing back from our readers and audience.

Have a great weekend!