Omni: An Engine, A Wallet and our Data

After a very busy month of development with countless hours spent testing, debugging and sorting through data we have our new back end powerhouse, OmniEngine. Over the past 36 hours these 1900 lines of code have been running smoothly. Continually checking Mastercore for new blocks, processing all new Mastercoin data and putting it into our database (stats pictured) for use by OmniWallet.stats While going through our own integration tests we also identified and reported a few important bugs to the Mastercore team. They have worked diligently to update and fix these and they have been rolled into the most recent tagged release (If you haven’t checked out Mastercore yet you should take a look).

What benefit is an updated back end with out a matched front end? Just like a coin we’ve got a flip side to our story. OmniWallet’s front end is also currently having it’s API endpoints updated to use data from the database. At present we are about 40%-50% complete with this process. We have spun up a new instance of OmniWallet that is using the database data for the updated components and are testing them to ensure accuracy. Once the API updates are complete and all testing is done we’ll start importing encrypted wallets into the db and begin the new servers preparation for release.


Omni: An Engine, A Wallet and our Data

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