Technology Update: Sleep when you’re dead.

It’s been another frenetic and massively productive week in the Mastermind world, with new features flying in to the codebase faster than we’ve seen before.

This week we’ve pulled in more RPC updates, interface updates, manual (unlocked) issuance of assets (grant, revoke), p2sh multi-sig, and additional re-org protection – and that’s just in Master Core. No less than four third-party integrators (exchanges and wallets) have begun tying Master Core into their backend systems this week, and next week is going to be a frenzy of testing, building, testing, packaging and testing.

Two of the groups who are white-labeling Omniwallet have also provided some exceptional feedback and contributions in terms of scalability, security and interface, and the community that is growing around the Master Protocol is finally beginning to see the capabilities that are about to be unleashed.

On the testing front, we’ve updated our spock engine to allow for more automated tests on commit and builds, working through “cumulative hashes” that allow all clients to know that the balances they are using are the same as all other clients.

For Omniwallet, we’re soliciting feedback from users in our “What’s in Our Wallet” survey (which, if you haven’t yet, submit your thoughts – it will guide the future direction of Omni), populated the OmniEngine backend database, added logic processing from DEx payments, and begin integrating the new front-end API.

QA and testing were hot on the plate this week, as we welcome a new team member who will be focused on test plans and quality assurance.

Exciting new ideas are being pumped into the spec on an almost daily basis: smart property administration, futures contracts, ways to decrease transaction fees, and minimizing the blockchain storage requirements of Master Protocol transactions.

The Master Core UI is getting closer to release, as well; below can be seen the Balances tab:

All in all, the team has been working around the clock, continuing to knock the socks off anyone in the general vicinity. As an old colleague once told me, when referring to working non-stop: “you can sleep when you’re dead.”  Our next release will be coming soon, and with it the results of months of non-stop effort will be shared with the world.  

As always, we solicit and invite contributors to come and comment, critique or contribute. The more masterminds the better. Ask me anything, and keep your eyes peeled for what’s coming.

Craig Sellars

CTO, Mastercoin Foundation

craig (at)

Technology Update: Sleep when you’re dead.