Omni: A Tale of Two

Omniwallet today has two major pieces that are the focus of the team in order to leverage the new database infrastructure that will power the next revision of the web wallet.

The first piece has been under heavy development for the past 3 weeks: the back end module which populates the database with usable data, gloriously called OmniEngine. It is the engine behind Omni, driving the data into the correct place in the database and dragging the data onto the page for the user to see.

At present it can parse, store, retrieve and handle all Bitcoin transactions as well as most Mastercoin transactions. Thanks to frequent updates to Master Core, we can now add support and logic for Distributed EXchange payments as well as the transactions used in the upcoming MetaDEx feature.

The second piece, on which we have officially broken ground today, is the front end api which allows Omniwallet to properly interact and retrieve data from the database. Just because we have the data is no good if you can’t use it – and this api will allow Omniwallet (and in the future, other tools) to properly extract relevant transaction data and make it intelligible and presentable to the end-user.

We’re hoping to have most of these puzzle pieces in place and ready within the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for updates.

Omni: A Tale of Two