Faiz – Mastercoin Developer – AMA!

Greetings Masterminds,

My name is Faiz, and I am one of the developers on the Mastercoin Project. For the next 24 hours I’ll be hosting an AMA on the r/Mastercoin subreddit where anyone can ask me questions about integrating the project software, general high-level software discussion, and any technical concerns you all might have had. Come drop by!

my AMA, Saturday, August 23th

A developer on the Mastercoin project has many responsibilities; it is our responsibility to maintain application up-time, ensure stability in the software we release, prevent catastrophic failure across/on any of our supported platforms, and deliver a visionary product on a timely schedule.

I work with several other developers in concert, and will field questions to them as necessary to get the answers you need. Appropriate questions include: “How do I run this thing?” “When will you support feature X?” “What’s the best way to accomplish task Y?” and “Does it Z?”.

If you’ve got technical input, ideas on where to take the code, or are just seeking more information, drop me a line at the AMA today or faiz@mastercoin.org

See you there!

Faiz – Mastercoin Developer – AMA!