MSC Open Communications Update – Next Steps

Thanks to everyone who participated in kicking off our open communications for the MSC Foundation with your blog posts, AMAs, questions and comments the last week.
The energy level in the community has visibly increased with a 132 comments on 9 posts that were made to One of the first outcomes has been new developers coming in to help with OmniWallet, who saw the AMA’s and want to get involved in the project.
Going forward the plan is to keep up this weekly posting of blogs and Reddit threads, which Shannon Code will cross post to all of the other MSC channels (Twitter, Facebook, IRC, Skype Chat, MSC and BTC forums, etc)
To keep things on a consistent and daily basis, 7 of us from the MSC Foundation will have 1 day each week we will posting to the blog and Reddit thread that day on different topics. Including new projects launching on the Master Protocol, updates on MasterCore and Omni Wallet, bounties available for the community, guest posts by technical thought leaders in the crypto ecosystem, and a lot more.
Communicating openly with the community about our progress, challenges, ideas, and so forth is the primary way for the MSC community to grow and empower everyone to add their value to this great endeavor to extend blockchain technology and decentralize the corrupt financial institutions of our day.

I’m excited about where we are headed. Lets pull together as a community and make it happen.

As my old friend Christopher Orem used to say, Go Team!

Best Regards,

David A. Johnston

Chairman of the MSC Foundation Board
David (at)
MSC Open Communications Update – Next Steps