Judith – BizDev at the Mastercoin Foundation

My name is Judith Jakubovics.

I joined the Mastercoin team in January 2014

My background and expertise are mostly commercial, financial and logistical aspects of the Semiconductors, Biotechnology and Chemical industries, After more than 20 years of serving in key positions mostly as a VP Int’l Supply Chain Manager, as well as knowledge of and experience in the financial markets I gained while trading future mini S&P stock indexes for a few years.

In my new role as BizDev at the Mastercoin Foundation I aim to facilitate and assist new or existing initiatives that plan to build upon and take advantage of the capabilities offered by the Master Protocol. Whether you, dear entrepreneur, organization or company, have a clear vision of how this can be achieved, or you need further guidance and ideas, feel free to contact me and allow me to be your focal point. I am very responsive and will make sure you get all the answers to your questions.

My contact details:
email: judith@mastercoin.org
skype: judith.jakubovics

I am absolutely thrilled and excited by the new crypto world and its vision about the future of the new decentralized economy. I also strongly feel privileged to be a part of this great project.


Judith – BizDev at the Mastercoin Foundation