Craig – Mastercoin Foundation CTO. AMA!

Hello Masterminds!

My name is Craig Sellars, and I am the CTO of the Mastercoin Foundation. Today I am hosting an AMA on our subreddit for anyone interested in discussing the technical vision of the project, where we stand and where we’d headed. Please come by and Ask Me Anything!

As the CTO, it is my responsibility to ensure the protocol’s extensibility, to coordinate the internal development teams, to set the schedule for implementation, and to build relationships with the broader Bitcoin and crypto-currency community on furthering the innovation and interoperability in this space.

Most recently, the Mastercoin dev teams have made some substantial releases with the betas of Omniwallet, our web-wallet for Master Protocol assets, and of Master Core, the flagship reference client based on Bitcoin Core.  There is much, much more to come.

Our upcoming roadmap, as defined by David Johnston with full support from me and our team, is available for review and comments at:

We are always looking for masterminds to contribute to the project, as we firmly believe that the greatest innovation and application of genius will come from the community and its needs. Please don’t hesitate to get involved and to continue to enhance and improve the protocol and the ways of interacting with it.

What we have is an amazing foundation being adopted and implemented by innovators in the community and beyond, and are looking forward to the revolutionary ideas that can be created from their inception as decentralized, open, flexible and accessible for the betterment of humanity.

I can be reached at the following:
email: craig (at)
skype: udecker

I can honestly say that I’ve never before had the pleasure of working with such an amazing and talented group of developers as I have since joining Mastercoin. I am certain that we are going to continue pushing the envelope and creating new and amazing ways to transact and interact using the genius of the blockchain and through decentralization.

Ask me anything!

Craig – Mastercoin Foundation CTO. AMA!