Opening Up Communication and AMA’s Starting Today

Dear Masterminds,

As promised here are some additional details on the plan to Open up Communications in the MSC community.

Here is the contact info for all the points of contact on Omni Wallet, MasterCore, Bus Dev, and Developers. Core contributors to the code + Foundation points of contact will be holding regular AMA’s and posting to the community every week. The communications channels for MSC are going to be streamlined and cross posted.

Announcement of Point of Contacts:
Wondering who you should talk with about a issuing a digital token, or a new features of the Master Protocol?

Refer to this list for the best point of contact.

Point of contact for companies and organizations who want to issue a token (Judith Jakubovics) Judith (-at-) and on Skype: Judith.Jakubovics

Point of contact for developers who want to develop a project on top of the MSC Protocol (Shannon Code) Shannon (-at-) and on Skype: genecyber

Point of contact for developers that want to work with the Omni Wallet (Adam Chamely) Adam (-at-) and on Skype: shmali81

Point of contact for developers that want to integrate MasterCore (Faiz Khan) Faiz (-at-) and on Skype: xgrodx

Point of contact for founders working on decentralized applications that want input on their whitepapers (Sam Yilmaz): Sam (-at-) and on Skype: mrcemonatyilmaz
Each of the points of contact will be holding regular AMA’s with the community on topics they want to discuss. This will begin Thursday with Craig (2014/08/07), Friday with Shannon (2014/08/08), next Monday with Judith (2014/08/11), next Tuesday with Adam (2014/08/12), and next Wednesday with Sam (2014/08/13). Starting with me today (2014/08/06).

Streamlining Community Communication:
There is a substantial amount of chatting, discussing, debating and otherwise talking about Omni Wallet, MasterCore and the Protocol going on, however its spread over many different channels, here are a few ideas to bring together those different threads of discussion.

Removing the Trello board and instead posting all of the bounties and opportunities directly to the MSC Forums.

Cross post content from the MSC forums to the BTC forums, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, and IRC.

Post once each day on the MSC Sub Reddit from a different point person on the project on what’s going on:

Channels for following the Development Process and Contributing:
Dev (-at-) is an open thread for any development related chatter and it auto posts to the MSC forums developer thread.

There are three primary Skype groups where the devs tell to chat about MasterCore, OmniWallet, and General Discussion. Email Shannon (-at-) with your Skype ID for an invite.

Github is the center for comments, pull requests, and debate on the actual code see links below to get involved.


Omni Wallet:

Master Protocol Spec:


MSC Vennd:

Lastly for those that love IRC here are the channels for OmniWallet, MasterCore and the MSC Protocol.

General News Channels for MSC Development
There are a lot of places to keep track of MSC development. Pick your favorite and follow what the community is working on and developing.



Google +:



Going forward I expect the core contributors to the MSC code and Foundation to engage with the broader community on a regular weekly basis. I’ll be pushing to publish more and more raw debate, meeting notes, and developer resources directly to the community on all of our channels.

If you have more ideas to improve and open communications up, I want to hear them : ) so feel free to engage on these threads or contact me directly.

Best Regards,

David A. Johnston
Chairman of the Mastercoin Foundation
David (-at-)
Opening Up Communication and AMA’s Starting Today